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Hello everyone! This is part two where I show you how to use @smartsteem with video guidance and how it all works!!

I had a pleasure talking with @therealwolf and finding out a lot about the platform and I have been a user of the platform for the last two weeks or so, and I can see huge benefits already. In this video I talk about what is @smartsteam, and how you can use it to your advantage whether it is by selling your upvotes, whether it is by delegating your power or whether it is buying the upvoats, and main thing being whitelisted.

This is part two of the video, please watch the first part here :

So if you want to get whitelisted, please are use my my referral link and then sign up to the account and start selling your votes. You have to go through the link :) It will only work, if you click sell your votes, set enabled. Then select voting power 80%-90% and automatic payouts! Make sure you select smartsteem stars so you only upvote amazing or good content! Then press safe and authorise it :)) Watch the video to see full details :)

I am really excited about this platform and I hope you will be excited like me and you will be able to learn something from this video, so I look forward to receiving your comments and if you have any more questions please leave them down below make sure you up vote this post, share it with Steemit!

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Alla xxx

My video is at DLive

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@smartsteem is one of the best upvote services out there. It also help you earn passive income. I tried their upvote service which is good, no comments from bots and you are upvoted by real people Their SP delegating gives rewards more than what you will earn if you want to upvote with that same SP. Overall I believe @smartsteem is one of the best here

Oh my! this is the question that has been popping in my head a very long time..i don't have any question.. the video answered all the questions, Thank you for sharing especially for the vital information you passed in the video...Smart steem here i come!


really glad to hear that :) thanks!!

Dlive is really veneficial for sharing any vedio...
thanks for sharing...
carry on..and i appreciate you

This is simply amazing. Well, for me, i spend more time online here (that's why i get to see every of your posts) hahaha, but then, it is cool that, i can select a percentage at which i want them to vote, while i still continue with my own. That's a win-win situation, but then, my Steem Power is very low, such that, i doubt if it can affect much, and draw enough payback. I am only a whale on the inside...for now. covers face.

great content and always informative Alla!! <3 upvoted, check my stream if u get a chance :D

Great video, very useful :)

Hello nice video!I have connet to smartsteem but still say Status: Pending why???