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Hey everybody! So I’m very very excited about this video lesson. I won’t go into much detail because the video is a really self explanatory, but I strong encourage you to watch the full video and understand what is smart steam. I had a pleasure talking with @therealwolf and finding out a lot about the platform and I have been a user of the platform for the last two weeks or so, and I can see huge benefits already. In this video I talk about what is smart steam, and how you can use it to your advantage whether it is by selling your upvotes, whether it is by delegating your power or whether it is buying the upvoats, and main thing being whitelisted.

I think there is an opportunity for every single steamian out there who is looking to increase their portfolio, support the platform and of course earn some money. So if you want to get whitelisted, please are use my my referral link and then sign up to the account and start selling your votes. You have to go through the link :)

When you register, this will take you to your profile and then tomorrow I will show you how to activate that and how to start selling your votes, which will not only support the platform but will support yourself as well especially if you’re not an active user and you dont vote every single hour, so you’re not wasting your power.

I am really excited about this platform and I hope you will be excited like me and you will be able to learn something from this video, so I look forward to receiving your comments and if you have any more questions please leave them down below make sure you up vote this post, share it with Steemit!

To register and start making money click here :


Alla xxx

My video is at DLive

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Thanks for the vid Alla. I played around with the platform but haven't delved into it too much. Thank you for explaining in a simple to understand way. I'll have another look into it


yeah glad it was helpful! enjoy!

Do you find it easier to upload on dLive or dTube? Supposedly plenty new upgrades have been added to dTube.
Resteemed and upvoted for ya.


well i am trying and using both at the moment :)) thanks!!

it is only 1:17 min. is it supposed to be longer?


no its 6 min 20 ! have you loaded the entire video?


ok thanks I´ll try again

Haven't heard of smartsteem until now, thanks for sharing this post :) I will go look into it now.

1min and 17 and it stops !!


i think they had an issue, try now :) part two just came out as well!!


thank you, I'll try again.

How can I get whitelisted?
You think it's possible for me? Have a outstanding Saturday evening ✌️😎

The video stopped quiet too early my friend. Still trying to get a grasp as to what it means and it stopped at the whitelisting talk.


it sould be working now!!


it sould be working now!!


Alright my friend, i will try it again.

I will definitely going to be part of this.
Please do well to carry me along.

Would you @allasyummyfood?

I may join this possibly when I invest in SP!

interesting platform. nice to have a rating system to use.

Waiting to be Whitelisted as we applied a few days ago and currently under review/waiting to be accepted. Sorry, we're not under your referral or anyone's as we came across it through someone else's banner like 10 days ago, but then researched it through our own means. Thanks for sharing what Smartsteem is all about.

Great post! Come on a visit to my blog!

i guess this is another golden opportunity for me

thank you for taking your time to tell us about smartsteem

It’s ironic that you talk about @smartsteem on @dlive, since they don’t support Dlive... At least I’ve tried the other day and I got a refund saying they don’t support dlive anymore. Wonder why though... There was no explanation on their website either...

Other than that, Smartsteem is a great idea! But selling your votes becomes financially interesting only when you enter the thousands... cause for now if you sell 1000 SP, you get only about $1/month as ROI. Not that great of a deal in my view...