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Hellooo friends!! Soooo im starting the 10 day Reboot detox program !!! I was inspred by a friend and she did it with her partner, so I wanted to give it a go! I will be following the plan from day one to day two!! I am fasting today, so i can start fresh the next day! I am excited to see what results going to be like!< i will keep you posted every day!!!! Who has done this one before?

Reboot with Joe Juice Diet was developed by Joe Cross who gained international recognition as he filmed his experiences when he juice fasted for 60 days. I actually loved that movie as well!!! During this journey Cross transformed his life overcoming obesity, negative lifestyle habits and a variety of health conditions.

Since the documentary of these events, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead“, was released, Cross has been promoting the health benefits of juicing. So I wanted to try it as well!!

In The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet, he shares his story and talks about the plan he used on his juice fast. He also offers a range of shorter, more flexible plans to make juicing and plant-based diets accessible for everyone.

10-Day Reboot
This plan is recommended if you want to flood your body with nutrients but don’t need to lose a lot of weight. It is also a great plan for dieters who prefer a more flexible way to incorporate juicing into their lifestyle.

It involves consuming two fresh juices every day in combination with a plant-based diet. This is the one I am doing :))


My video is at DLive

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Both fat,sick,and nearly dead aswell as its sequal were really well made, another good documentary to solve some health issues is 2014’s “fed up” which goes ito processed foods and sugars and educated me alot on how to maintain a proper diet. Good luck on your fasting and much love @allasyummyfood


yes i watched that one as well!! really good! its good to constantly rewatch these! thank you :))) im excited!!

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@allasyummyfood do you really think you need to do this? beacause you are just perfect...


aww thats kind, but no i need to lose another 10 kg!!

Is that the booty workout? Kind of hard working out when your fasting?

I do intermittent fasting in the sense that I don't eat until noon. Increases the fasting time from the overnight fast. That's why they call it "Break FAST".