Nice post. Doesn't look like you are getting the votes you deserve though. You should check out steemengine.

Just randomly found your stuff - you are very talented, and have a gorgeous voice, but the audio quality makes it a little tough to listen. Have you thought of even just investing in something like a Blue Snowball USB mic? This would probably pick up your guitar a lot better. It's hard to even hear your beautiful voice over the over-resonant/dull guitar recording. I still upvoted you <3 just always want to fight for that audio quality!

I was at my grandma's house at the time so I was using her sound system and guitar. I have a mic and a little bit better equipment at home. I like the song, but I wish the sound was better too. I don't have an electric guitar at home, so that was new to me as well. Maybe I'll do it again sometime for Open Mic night or something and re-record it. Thanks for the comment. I'm generally pretty picky about sound quality, but my mom bugged me to post this because she liked it, so I did. :)

It was a pleasure to listen to you! I love that song and your interpretation is gorgeous! Thank you :)

Thank you! I love the song too!

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