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Feminist will be happy to hear that I removed myself from sexual marketplace and that I don't approach and compliment sexual harass any women any more.

Wait. What is that neglect rape and ignore rape you are talking about?


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I have found that listening to what women want / say, you need to add "by an Alpha" into it.

I want AN ALPHA man who is nice

So, what women are saying above is that they want lots of attention from alphas, and everyone else should drop dead, or support them financially.


And only 20% are alpha the majority of men are better of buying a sex bot.



Especially as most of the non-alphas have been raised on the Dizney dream. You will find someone who loves you.

But, if it is a dream, a doll has it all over the real thing.
She lies there waiting for you, and only you.
She is patient and always ready.
She never nags.

She doesn't cook, but she also doesn't leave a mess.

In other words, the doll doesn't destroy the dream, like a THOT will.


Pretty early in my live I understood I'm non-alpha and given up on the Disney dream. At the same time I understood that the Disney dream for women is more dangerous then porn is for men.

Because men understand it's just a dream to wank to while women actually believe the shit.


I was always borderline alpha. Looks, height, money.
But my personality is seriously beta.

So, i always ... kept hope.
Believed that there is the right woman out there for me.

This has come to a point where, do i choose to recreate my personality, to always maintain frame, to not listen to what women say, to put me first...
or do i kill the Dizney dream and buy a doll?

The trouble is i am very nice guy. Through and through. i am not even good at pretending to be an asshole.

And women believing the Dizney dream is really really bad. In a society destroying way, bad.

Dizney is EVIL. Walt Dizney is literally Hitler.

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