Is Your Brain Running A Mind Control Program?

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This past week I have been chewing on an issue that culminated in Sunday’s launching. Earlier in the week, I started paying attention to certain scenarios from the distant past that would appear every once in a while and keep repeating and looping through the thought processes of my brain. These scenarios always involved guilt, regret, and embarrassment. Try as I might, I could not access the actual emotions of the original events.  I was just left with a repeating scene in my mind with nothing concrete to actually heal. Something told me that there was more here than the usual topic for a healing session...READ MORE.

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From the title it sounds like that your brain is controlling you but from my perspective the brain is part of you! So how can the brain (which are you) can mind control itself??? That is weird I know but don't make things to complicated you are in full control of what is happening to you that is the reality!!!!

Thank you for your interest. Reading the full post will provide context. Carla is explaining programs that run as overlays, not you, your brain. One is only really soveriegn when they are in control of all 3 conscious/unconscious aspects of their mind.

I understand the theoretical aspect of it but still my opinion is that everything is interconnected with each other and if you think that something unconscious is not you than who should it be else? Some things need to run automatically and other things we think we control or not whatever gives it is always yourself!

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