LGBTQ adults are using dating apps nearly twice as much as straight adults, Pew study finds

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A recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center reports that more than half of the LGBTQ-identifying people sampled said they have pursued online dating. However, only 28% of the straight adults in the survey admitted to having used a dating site or app.

The staunch difference between the answers of LGBTQ and straight individuals in the survey provides some insight into the difficulties the queer community faces in dating offline. While straight people may have an easier time meeting others in person, the LGBTQ community faces a set of unique challenges that often impact their ability to do the same.

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I have been using dating sites 20 years ago. They don't work. Not for men who are not on the top 20%. But then again the top 20% of men don't need dating sites.

And hence i have given up. Not just dating sites. I have given up on dating all together.

Maybe your conclusion is wrong. Maybe only the top 20% don't need dating sites because they have an easier time meeting others. That would be apex fallacy.

And the bottom 80% of straight men don't use dating sites because they have given up hope all together.

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