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Hello Friends and Dlike Lovers,
This is my entry for “The 1st Dlike Contest”.

I am Hafiz Ullah, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. From March 2018 I'm a steemian. I'm with Dlike since the beginning. Because, I'm Dlike Lover.

I see the first announcement about Dlike is on 30/06/2018 and resteem with the upvote immediately. Then comment, my comment was like this- Wow! its great opportunity for all steemit users. And definitely I will try this. Thank you @dlike

From then on, try to post regulars in Dlike, sometimes I can not post it due to technical problem in Dlike. Looking at my post, some followers want to know about Dlike. I describe them about Dlike and invite them to post regularly.

Then some of my friends again request me to create a tutorial about Dlike. Actually, not only for their request, but also for the love of Dlike, I create a tutorial with a detailed description. Dlike Tutorial-The Easy way to use dlike:

As a traveler and photographer, I can easily upload photos to Dlike. And there is also chance to give a short description. So gladly accept the opportunity and start using the Dlike. I think Dlike is the best place for our photographers to display our creativity.

Finally, I'm glad to invite members of our community to the delight that Dlike is a great platform. So use this opportunity too. Let's make Dlike more popular together.

Now, I would like to nominate my two friends to join this awesome dlike contest:

  1. @saiful39
  2. @mamun123456

For more details the contest, see the below link-

Let’s part of the great community and also Join with us on discord:

Thank you all.

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thank you

I want to use Dlike, how?


see my tutorial, its very easy