Introducing A new Steemit interface where you can share what you like!

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dlike: Share What You Like : Get Rewarded If People Like!


In this article I want to intriduce you another cool Dapp (Decentralized App) connected with the Steem Blockchain and the name of the Dapp is by the @dlike team. Dlike is an alternative Steemit interface/front-end where you can share photos, interesting links and other content by yourself, or stuff you found in the internet and which you want to share with the community. It´s like a social-media-interface for your Steemit blog and very easy to use.


Here you can see the nice news feed and the two layout options for example:


Your post over the platform will be shared on your Steemit blog automatically and so you have two feeds where your post is displayed and so more people can potentially see it. (In the Steemit feed & in the dlike feed) 


A very cool thing is, that you can earn dlike Tokens in addition to the post rewards you are earning with the upvotes on your Steemit blog! Dlike Tokens will be one of the first Smart Media Tokens (SMT´s), which will be released next year. Until the Smart Media Tokens (SMT´s) are released by the Steemit Inc. team, the dlike Tokens are officially starting after the launch of the SMT´s. You can already start to earn dlike tokens by publishing posts over the dlike platform and by writing comments on!


Here you can find out more about the Dlike Tokens:


And here you can find the leaderboard of the weekly dlike contest with additional prices for the most active users:


Posting Guidelines of


> Its time to monetize your content. Steem is the most reputable blockchain based social media platform to share your content and earn rewards. Now enjoy more ease with


> What can be shared?

> Anything that you consider is worth of sharing with the community.
Webmasters can share their content and social geeks can share any url from top social media sites like facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


> How to share?

> Sharing is simple, just select share, enter your url and submit. It's done! Or you can upload images and enter details to share! *** video uploading is not supported yet!


> What not to share?

  • > - Illegal links are not allowed. Links to sites such as guns, drugs, child pornography, illegal downloads etc.
  • > - Pornography and pornographic materials are frowned upon by the dlike community.
  • > - Links from sources which are not verified or lack credibility and contain damaging information are not allowed.
  • > - Spamming and gamification of the dlike system is not allowed. Stick to the maximum post threshold daily.
  • > - Members who disobey the guildlines will be blacklisted or banned, depending on the severity of the offense.
  • > - Similar posts with similar sources without valuable additional information will not be voted upon if detected.
  • > - Curation is based on merit and subject to the discretion of the curator.
  • > - There should be a minimum interval of one hour between posting to allow curation reach as many people as possible.
  • > - Bait clicks are frowned upon by the dlike community, especially the ones with damaging effects.
  • > - Suspicious links to sites containing malware are totally frowned upon by the dlike community.


I can just suggest you to check out this cool Steemit Dapp and start collecting the future Smart Media Tokens "dlike Tokens" of, which are already starting as ERC20 Tokens!

Greetings from Germany and hear you everyone.


Jonas - @future24


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Very informative article almost everything you bring about dlike. Dlike such kind of DAPP what you think you can share not only that you can get money in your pocket. I love dlike. Long live dlike


Yes this is a really cool platform and thanks for your feedback @ekushya.

@ future24 is amazing how the blockchain of steem is growing, this site looks great, I will visit it.
Thank you very much for the information I wish you a beautiful night


Oh yes, the Steem Blockchain is growing and growing, this is very nice.
Thanks for your visit and feedback again @jlufer and Steem on!

Dear a picture 24 sir!
It's an interesting contest dlike token.


Yes it´s a nice tool to earn some dlike tokens in addition.

Congratulations on joining dlike, hopefully you like all the features here