Testing out dlike.io: The overview page & the post editor!

in dlike •  5 months ago


Hello dear Steemians, 


this is my first post with Dlike.io for testing out the features and I want to write a detailed introduction article about this website later too. In this first post with this Steemit Dapp for all Steemit members I want to show you the two different layout options for the overview page and how the post editor is looking.


You can choose these two different layout options for the start feed page:


1. The Grid Layout

2. The List Layout


And this is how the post editor is looking: 


Hear you later in my detailed introduction of the @dlike platform and Steem On everyone!


Jonas - @future24


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Good explanation of the start page.

I hope you will feel happy after following some features in Dlike

Sure @ future24 sir!
Take part in this website and aware us later by your post.
If there is any possibility then it's a good offer.