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RE: Bravo: Tony Ferguson is a challenge Khabib Nurmagomedov hasn’t faced

in #dlike3 years ago

Good point; but, Tony can hold his own on the ground and destroy Khabib in a standing game. Plus, Tony will not gas out like Conor did.

Everyone should be able to at least agree that this would be Khabib's greatest challenge -- at least with Tony, there's an equation. I don't care what anyone else predicted -- Khabib picked everyone else in the division apart; not Conor or anyone else every stood a chance. Tony is the first challenge in a while -- or ever -- that would be on equal / near-equal footing w/ Khabib's legendary skills.


Tony is good at stand up but Khabib isn't bad himself there. I don't think Tony destroys Khabib anywhere but I think on the ground no one in MMA pound for pound is better than Khabib.

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