Hi there, @beyonddisability!

We'd just thought that we would like to remind you that we mentioned you in our most recent blog post mentioning how we recognise your loving and charitable work! More so, how we are upvoting all of your content with the aim of finacnailly supporting you, as it is in line with our mission statement

We thought that it would be important to let you know that we are supporting you, hoping that we could improve our relationship together!

Let us know what you think!



thank you so much @charitycurator for choosing me. I almost give up pon blogging. But your message is more than a good news. God bless you all :)

indeed right @charitycurator

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What a great through.  If we can remember where we are and be grateful for what is around us, we will be much better off.  It is easy to get caught up in the day to day flow of things.

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