Benefits of leasing STEEM POWER on DLease

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You've probably already heard about the possibility of leasing STEEM POWER, either through Minnowbooster or through our latest service,

Why people lease their STEEM POWER to others for profit is obvious, but why should you pay for a STEEM POWER delegation?

There are several good reasons!

Support your Community

One thing most communities are lacking are whales with a lot of STEEM POWER that support them. But for a community to thrive, a certain amount of support is required to keep everything going.

With a large SP delegation, community leaders can sustainably support community members and grow their own SP (and the SP of the members!) with curation rewards.

Stimulate Engagement on TokenBB

Another one of our new services is TokenBB.

Here, you can create your own forum for your community, game, or whatever you need, directly on the blockchain!

And because it is on the blockchain, you can upvote people who engage in the forum to provide useful feedback, bug reports and generate positive activity within your forum.

What better way to increase that engagement by rewarding users who post interesting topics and replies?

Don't let a lack of SP stand in the way of a thriving forum community!

Run your own BidBot

Maybe you've seen the dozens of bidbots on the Steem blockchain and have fantasized about running your own. But how, if your own SP is limited, and investors are favoring the more established services?

By investing in a SP delegation, you can make the bot pay for itself and eventually even return a profit.

Why should only whales be able to sell votes?

Realize your Game on Steem

Do you want to run a game on the blockchain? You might need a way to send out notifications to your players, probably through comments. But the more players you have, and the more notifications they are supposed to receive, the more Resource Credits you need.

And with only a low amount of STEEM POWER, these can run out fast.

One game bot for which DLease was successfully used was King of Disease, an April Fools' Joke game that ran on the Steem blockchain for 48 hours. Over the course of the game, King of Disease left 558 comments in total - and that was with 83 players actively participating.

With a longer runtime, the Resource Credits necessary to keep everything running would have increased considerably.

King of Disease successfully leased the SP required for the game from DLease, allowing everything to run smoothly.

Gain Social Influence

Those with the highest stake, the highest STEEM POWER are the ones that have the highest influence on Steem.

After all, it is a social network!

Do you want people to listen to you more? Do you want them to pay attention when you suggest something? Read your posts when you propose a new idea?

A large SP delegation draws attention to you and can give you the social influence you're seeking.

Onboard your friends and community

The cost to claim a Steem account is currently either 3 STEEM, or 8.24 MM Resource credits.

At this rate, you can use your leased STEEM POWER to claim roughly 2 accounts per 10k leased SP per week. What better way to quickly onboard friends or members of your community, without forcing them to wait until Steemit has approved their account, or to buy an account themselves.

Inviting people with an account ready to go lowers the hurdle to onboard new users, and isn't that exactly what Steem needs?

Experience being a Dolphin or an Orca

If you ever wondered what it feels like to click the upvote button and have the payout value go up by more than a few cents, leasing SP can give you that feeling.

It's not necessary to buy and own all of that STEEM yourself when you can lease it temporarily. Compare it to leasing a fancy car: You don't need to drive it all the time, having it around occasionally is already very fun - and it doesn't cost as much as buying it.

And if you spend your votes by curating quality content on the blockchain, you're slowly increasing your own SP through the curation rewards you're earning.

Send out Mass Memos

Are you offering a service? Developing a game? Trying to get in touch with many people?

Memos in wallet transactions are often the preferred way to go for many Steem users. But with the current Resource Credits system, that can become difficult if you're trying to send out mass memos.

If you have 10k STEEM POWER, and plan on sending out 25k individual memos, it will take you about 7 days - and that's with a delay between each memo.

25k can sound like a lot, but depending on what you're planning to do it might not be enough, especially if you want to do more than just send out memos.

Just as in the other scenarios, it is not that expensive to lease enough SP to meet your needs.

Many more uses

The points above are just some of the uses for leasing SP. With the number of DApps on the Steem blockchain growing all the time, there will be more and more demand for Resource Credits and thus STEEM POWER.

Why not head over to DLease and check it out?

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Dlease is a great resource for us minos... I particularly like the delegation program. I have multiple delegation accounts at about an average 16% APR! Now this adds up to some nice earnings potential over a course of 2 to 5 months on these delegations.

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Glad it is helping you out, I personally use the service extensively and makes holding Steem Power worth while.

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News in 10 posts - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

I have been leasing Steem Power through dlease/minnowbooster for a very long time. Moreover, I am currently on a 700SP lease which I got from there.

I must confess it's an amazing and a very profitable service. Above all, Steem Power is awarded at very cheap rate compared to any other leasing service/platform.

I wish many can take this opportunity presented by dlease/minnowbooster like I'm currently doing :)


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Do you profit from selling your votes and upvoting yourself?

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I do not do any of the above. But it can be profitable that way.

I am currently supporting new users through my weekly SP giveaway in which I give out 50SP or 100SP to enable these users break the RC limits and enjoy Steem.

I am equally delegating to a few dApps for their tokens and/or services. So, I am only leasing SP to ensure I stay at 1kSP. I only have 1.4kSP on my own.

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You can delegate leased steem power?

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No. I'm giving out what I have and replace it with lease Steem Power.

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Ok thanks I think with my little sp of my own I could only sell my vote from lease not sure if that would be profitable as @minnowbooster and @smartsteem will have there own profit margins

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I'm buying and not selling but I think they have a 10% cut on the sales. It should be profitable at the end of day, reason why people are always selling.

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Great thanks a lot I will have to check this out. Thanks again for all your information! Have a great day!

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Correct, but what you see on the market is nett of fees and 5 day cool down, the the APR is WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get! :)

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Goooooood Project @dlease 💙 ♩♬♬

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