Auto-splitting for Leases now available!

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Do you want to lease a lot of STEEM POWER via DLease?

Leases can only be filled if there is a delegator who owns a sufficient amount of STEEM POWER; this can lead to long wait times or even unfulfilled leases, especially if the requested STEEM POWER amount is fairly large.

So far, the only option was to manually split a big lease request into smaller, easier to fill leases, but that can be tedious depending on how many leases have to be created this way.

To make leasing large sums of STEEM POWER easier for you, we have now introduced the auto-splitting option!

When requesting a lease, you can check the "Auto-split into smaller leases" box, which lets you choose the size of the smaller batches.

Some important points to take into account:

  1. The smaller leases all have the same size
  2. The total amount of leases has to add up to the total amount of SP requested
  3. A minimum of 5 STEEM per week for each lease is necessary

If all three conditions are met, your lease request will automatically be put on the market in the small batches you chose, once you finish the process.

Never has it been easier to obtain the STEEM POWER you want!

STEEMLEO Disclaimer: is a professional-grade P2P STEEMPOWER leasing platform for the Steem blockchain, this content is therefore suitable to make use of the STEEMLEO tag as it is an investment related product.

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This is a fantastic idea and would be the thing that would push me from using the dlease platform over minnowbooster one.

Great update and thank you

Both platforms have the same backend, DLease will have its own backend in a month or two, we will continue to add features to DLease, which is meant to replace the MinnowBooster leasing aspect with a more professional grade solution.

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