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Good evening, my dear grateful steemit family and friends. I know this is such a late entry as the deadline is only a few hours left. I hope I can still make an entry and it will be counted as one of the participants for this awesome contest. First, my heartfelt thanks to @mermaidvampire for hosting this kind of contest. I am not really good at this one, but I know I need to make it a shot. :-)

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So without much further adieu, I decided to make a "Get well soon" card for my nanay.❤️ She just got out from the hospital a few weeks ago due to mild stroke. She's fighting a good fight & I was encouraged by her strength & a strong will to survive & get out from her wheelchair. Each day after her therapy, we see improvements and she's really a fighter. She can move her left leg and left hand, by God's grace. :-)

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These are the materials I've used in making this very simple get-well soon card for her:❤️

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Construction paper, scissor, cutter, ruler, glue, bond paper, orange thread.

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First, cut the construction paper using the scissor and cut the flowers and the design for the basket. Then paste the flowers to their respective stems using glue. Paste the construction paper (cut into small strips) with different colors. Make it vertical and horizontal. Just a simple design for a common basket, but I used 2 different colors here.

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There, hehehe almost done here. The flowers are ready and so is my basket. :-) I used white and lavender for my card.

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I need to write the message first before making the finishing touch. :-) ❤️

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I want my nanay to be well soon because I miss her already. ❤️

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Yes, I will be very honest, too. I am also getting tired and I want her back. I am just as tired as when we were still in the ICU, but I praise and thank God for all of you who have been praying for her :-) <3 God bless you all and thank you for your prayers, my dear steemit family and friends. :-)❤️

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This is now the finished product. :-)

God bless you @mermaidvampire. I never thought I could make a simple DIY card for my dearest nanay. :-) And special thanks also to my best friend for life and by choice, @girlalugirl for nominating me. As much as I want to nominate also, but it is almost the deadline. Well, I nominate @catietan :-)

I am @sashley a.k.a. shirleynpenalosa, a recipient of God's love, mercy and grace. ❤️

Have a blessed Summer month of March 2018 everyone :-)❤️

I am forever grateful to God every day of my life for giving me everything that I need and praise Him all the more for not giving me everything I want. To God be all the honor, praise and glory ❤️ :-)

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Great work! Thanks for joining, I appreciate the support. Keep making craft and keep surprising loved ones with it. You might want to check out a crafting contest by @korinkrafting, amazing prizes awaits you here:

thank you so much :-)

Lil things! Priceless 💕💕💕

thank you sis :-)

Nagpintas sis. Haanak nakahabolen.

thanks sis alla simplehan mo lattan sis pra maihabol mo til midnight daw hehehe :-)

Very well done. I will pray for her healing and your rest as well.

thank you so much @guarddog :-) God bless you :-)

You are most welcome

Ay humabol si madam! Get well soon nanay! Konting tiis nalang ..God is good all the time,and all the time God is good!
Susugod bahay uli ako diyan pero uwi nako ng mas maaga haha! Galing mo ah 👍@shirleynpenalosa

you are always welcome madam hehehe online tutorial tayo dito sa haus every Saturday kng gusto nyo pra ada kadwa mi ken nanay hehehe :-D

gorabels madam bwahahahah :-D

That will surely make nanay even feel better! Good job!

thank you sir :-) God bless po :-)

Very creative, Shie. If it's done with love, the output is truly amazing. Get well soon to Nanay.

maraming salamat po ate Jane <3 :-)

ang galing violet violet pati si nanay nkikiviolet..
ang ganda shir..!!
talagang lahat ng contest salihan mo ha!

bwhahahaha han met mam pra maiba lang met mam a hehehe... wen favorite color nya mam parehas kayo hehehe :-D

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thank you so much :-)