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Good morning steemians,

So hurry!So busy!But i try to make it.

Thank you @mermaidvampire for making me like a child.I loved to create and make my own greetings card when I was a schoolgirl.But so sorry that I never developed myself my little talent that I had long before.There are so many potential in my life that I just wasted.It is so sad to remember but I am so thankful that God is still giving me chance to exlpore at my age now.I dont want to win but just to show that I have a talent eventhough I am already a grandmother.I am still proud of myself being with so many educated and so well talented steemians.I just can say,if I just born in this era like you,
Anyway,anyhow,you told me this is the design of my life and no one could say and compare one self to another!

Be myself and believe i can do all things as long as God is always in life.

I encourage @delpha to have her entry since two days past.

Here is it;

I remember my school days.<

This is how I made it.

●get ready all the rejected school supply of my employer's daughter >![20180322_051105.jpg]


●i cut all the desireable shape i want


●paste it one by one




●i write my simple message


It took 1hour for making it.Simple but with feeling deep inside of me.I made it at dawn because yesterday I was so sleepy,so tired in my daily household task but I had in mind to submit one.

Thank you so much Lord,I made it before my employer is waking up today to get ready for school.

I will give this card to my mentor @mermaidvampire if ever she is near to me.

Voted @steemgigs as my witness
@surpassinggoogle my proxy

Support #untalented @teardrops and @steemsecrets

My mentors;

it's me @olivia08
feel better second time around

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Salamat, nindot jud sha daan nga kulang ka sa oras, samot jud na if naa ka focus. Keep discovering more about yourself and show the world your gifts! Thanks for joining, I appreciate the support. Keep making craft and keep surprising loved ones with it. You might want to check out a crafting contest by @korinkrafting, amazing prizes awaits you here:

Awwww this is sooo sweet ate Deevi. :) mermaid must be very proud to have mentored u. Keep being awesome! :)


Siya ang permi ng tambag sa akoa haide pud ang pinaka una.jejeje

nice card, nice penmanship, nice words....


Thank you so much Sir.GOD BLESS US

Very nice..artistic man diay ka te


Before there was no fb that was my old hobby..writng and making cards @cinderz