Winners for the DIY Greeting Card Making Contest

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Hi Steemiverse, the judge has spoken and we have our deserving winners of the contest. First, let me thank her for doing me a big favor in judging the contest because it's really quite a task, @dunnadelirium, you are awesome, you're a rockstar, remember that!

We both agree that everyone was a winner in this contest, we can't deny the effort. In writing contests, well, everyone can write, but this one, this involves something more than writing, so I feel bad that I do not have much to give as a prize.

We are sorry to have this delay in the announcement of winners, Donna really had a hard time because all the entries were really worthy of recognition but she has to do what she needs to do, she needs to rank them. Donna works 2 online jobs and quite busy, makes me feel bad I had to bother her but I want her to engage in Steemit and appreciate it, so I bother her anyway. Hehehehe!

Before we announce the winners, I would like to thank everyone that helped support it. Thank you all so much and I appreciate all the ways you help me here in Steemit. @surpassinggoogle, sorry about the many mentions but I want you to know my gratitude to everything that you do here. Thanks a bunch. My #steemitachievers family, you guys are awesome. My new found friends in #steemitpowerupph, @ankarlie, thanks for all the learnings. The contestants, you all have great potentials, crafting is something you beat me at. Look at my work later to see proof. LOL

Donna and I agreed on all our impressions on the entries. All of them were really heart warming and were labored with love. So here are the winners:

1st Prize

We really love what she did as it was all made from scratch. One can easily see the craftsmanship put into that beautiful piece. It was well-thought of and skillfully executed. Hands down, the best entry in the contest. She is new in Steemit and definitely a Steemian worth watching out for! You won 3SBDs and a lifetime share with @steembasicincome, please see your wallet for more information about this service. Thanks for joining and congratulations!

2nd Prize

@jedralin incorporated different techniques in making the card like watercolor and calligraphy. She also used different mediums but the final outcome was cohesive and very beautiful. Well done, thanks for joining and congratulations! You won 2 SBDs.

3rd Prize

No doubt about it, @tonie is a pro and she knows her stuff. Her work is very technical and precise. Good job, thanks for joining and congratulations! You won 1 SBD.

I have sent the prizes for the 3 winners, please check your wallets.


Thank you to everyone who joined. The contest post earned 4.719 SBDs and as promised, it will be divided equally to all the contestants who did not bag the major prizes. There were a total of 17 contestants, which means 14 of them will divide this amount which is equals to 0.33 SBDs each. I have rounded it up to 0.40 SBDs because I myself won a contest and I can share a little. Thank you everyone. I will follow all of you and will support you in your future posts and I promise to invite you in your wallets when I hold another contest, it's tradition.

I also want to take this opportunity to invite you to check out a good friend's crafting contest here: The world is your oyster #1 : Scrapbook Contest by korinkrafting She has awesome prizes for the winners.

A big congratulations and thank you to everyone who joined!


As I have promised, I told you I'd show my very own work. LOL I tried to make a DIY card for my boyfriend and I want to share it here to be fair because I said this in my contest post. Hmmm, I actually kind of regret it. Hahaha! But I hope this adds fun to this contest conlcusion. I need more practice evidently. LOL

I made a transformers card!
It just says "hunn." I have no idea what to design it. LOL
It opens to this.
Then there is a hidden face of this card where you can write the secret message.

I just used my webcam to take the photos, it's very low resolution. Anyway, thanks for reading, thanks for the support, you all made one chronically ill woman happy and she appreciates all that! God bless!

Keep Steeming!

#steemitachievers #steemph @steemitpowerupph


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If you want to give him witness voting decisions on your behalf, on that same page type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.
Support his other brainchild projects like #untalented, #steemgigs, #teardrops and #steemsecrets. Thank you!


congratulations to the winners! specially to @kyanzieuno :) well deserved!

thank you @mermaidvampire and your supporters

thank you @mermaidvampire and @dunnadelirium .It came as a surprise seeing that I won 2nd place. I am forever grateful for this challenge and opportunity. It truly is an inspiration .Thank you

wow! ma'am @jedralin congrats , sabi ganda gawa mo.

congratulations mam so proud of you po :-) <3

Congratulations to all!

Thanks @mermaidvampire for this creative contest...

Congratulation ton

Thank you!

Thanks @mermaidvampire we enjoy your contest. Looking forward for your next contest

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!! :-) so happy for mam @jedralin, go go go go ... thank you @mermaidvampire for this awesome contest thank you for your support <3 <3 <3 God bless po :-)

Thank youuuu @mermaidvampire and @dunnadelirium. Congratulations to the winners and others who joined. looking forward to more contests sooon. 😍😘

You're welcome. @steembasicincome does the registration manually so the notice might take awhile but check your wallet maybe tomorrow and it should tell you there. Basically, this share will guarantee you upvotes for your good content posts in the future. A bot from @steembasicincome will upvote your posts, the names of their bots are sbi1, sbi2 and sbi3. This service is said to be for life and it intends to help us earn in the platform just like how it's name implies. I hope it helps you in your Steemit journey. Your win is well deserved, stay awesome! Cheers! ;-)

Thank you @mermaidvampire. Just received @steembasicincome's notif. 😘😘😘

Got my reward. Thank you for this amazing challenge @mermaidvampire! Looking forward to your next contest. ahaha. Congratulations to all the winners!

Ohh, it's so cool to find contests like this. I also love doing DIY's so I hope in the next DIY contest that you will be having, I can join. :) :)

Awesome! My friend @korinkrafting has just started with her contest, you might wanna check her, the contest post is here: Thanks for dropping by and see you around Steemit. Keep steeming!

Thanks for sharing! :) I will check that out., for sure. :)

Congratulations everyone! It's nice to see how everybody put such an effort in making these cards. Another good way to bring out the artistry and craftiness in all of us. Good job!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! Cheers

Congratulations to everyone who joined!!!more contests @mermaidvampire.we will definitely join again.

Thank you again maam jejeje

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