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RE: Dare to Learn with me! Step by step tutorial, Necklace or Choker made under the Soutache technique with my personal touch

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I am going feature it in the next Xposed Curator's Rebound #41. You may find details about it Xposed Curator's Rebound

My hope is to bring your quality work here the exposure it deserves, and with it, hopefully some additional rewards.

Best wishes, @mirrors


Wonderful, thank you very much for this excellent news, It really is important for me, what I most want is to reach as many people as possible to teach with enthusiasm and full of creativity contributing original content, encouragement and desire to keep going every day learning together

You are welcome. It is a deserved feature. It takes a lot of creativity, and effort, and time to put up such a post which adds value to the community. These are the kind that deserve to be rewarded. I wish i could do more.

Keep up with such works, and in due time, regular recognition and reward will come your way.