These are our HIGHLIGHTS from 03 April 2019 - 10 April 2019

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Welcome to our weekly recap of our latest curations of DIY related videos on!

Our main goal is to appreciate the work of creators for their unique educational and inspirational content. We already have sent a little thank you via upvotes to all of the below-mentioned creators and we hope to see much more content of you all in the future!

We are deeply thankful in the name of all creators for the big help of our supporters, the curation team members and our delegators!

But now let's have a look on our highlights from last week:

@arthurgain"Tanja" alla prima oil portrait@tibfox
@matthewtonyitHow to Unskin Coconut Seed Manually, its health benefits.@tibfox
@gianniflashHOMEMADE FIRE LIGHTERS@tibfox
@thegreensUpdates from our Tire upcycling into Erosion Embankments | DIY | #StopTirePollution@tibfox
@gianniflashSlide Water/Snow Powered for Weighty Woods@tibfox
@sketch.and.jamChicago Water Taxi with Ambient Soundtrack@tibfox
@sketch.and.jamRough Blues Slide@tibfox
@estuarff COCINA VIDEO 1 😁 ( Ideas útiles )@tibfox
@drutterSuper Skunk seedlings 1 month update video!@tibfox
@rbatanSteemit OpenMIC semana 132 - El Condor Pasa ( Coversong ) by @rbatan@tibfox
@projectsupercarDesigning the driving position in my DIY Supercar: Prototype Ep9@sodom
@li-art❤️ Tutorial - DRAWING little puppy playing 🐶 - pencils - art by @li-art 🎬❤️ video Exclusive Dtube❤️@jozef230
@anttnA Dyeing Lesson by @anttn@tibfox
@elamentalBack Yard Cannabis Farming 2019: Episode 1 - Planning Your Grow - Close to Planting Time@tibfox
@wowdroneStunning view of Sperlonga coastline - South Italy@tibfox
@maynethDTube Music - I've got you under my skin (Cover) by @Mayneth@tibfox
@canadianrenegadeRenegade's Home Build vlog #32 - Mechanical Room Prep@tibfox
@lukestokesPrototype for a Daily Sri Yantra Meditation and Education Tool@enjoycompany
@li-art❤️ Tutorial - DRAWING Little Owl staring at you , art by @li-art 🎬❤️ Dtube❤️@emsonic
@morenewsEasy bluesy improvisation with friend - home session :)@tibfox
@neladepablosMis ilusiones (Venezuela)@tibfox
@carlosguMaria Luisa - Antonio Lauro. cover by carlosgu.@tibfox
@tel.empathyVegan Velvet Soup Recipe (EASY-ON A BUDGET) //tel.empathy\\@tibfox

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