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RE: Silicone Molding - Take 2! And that pesky financial take on what the hell I'm doing....

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I know, you probably don’t need another product, but I saw these tonight and thought they could just as easily be made with concrete.




There’s wood on the bottom of these as well.


these are really awesome, thank you for sharing! I LOVE the idea of mixing wood and cement together!!! And its much more practical than just a cement tray due to weight. I'm definitely going to sketch this one out and see how I can get it done.....Alternatively, maybe I can stick some wood onto the bottoms of the would-be frames, and do a reverse look?

I wonder if you could even turn a tray like this into one of those 3-D picture frames, where the cement pattern would create the background and one or more pictures would be displayed in the space in front of the cement, either towards the middle of the wood or the front.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

I think so...Like a shadow box type frame thing?

Yeah. Like a shadow box.

I ALMOST bought one yesterday at the craft store, but then realized I could probably make one cheaper....

Have you made it yet?

no :( Instead I've made three succulent crowns for my friend's wedding, worked on some pots for a Steemit trade, held a workshop in LA, and got distracted by trying to find mini magnets to turn a cement cactus into a fridge decoration. Oh, and I started promoting my own workshop, which will be cement pot making and macrame. The frames have all but been forgotten about, I havent looked for glass inserts yet. And I keep seeing awesome trays like the one you suggested but my frame piece is still in the pile of things needed to be sanded. Im trying to stay focused and motivated but there are just so many things I want to do! Ive got two t-shirts Im happy with for my drop shipping idea, but theyre still hanging in my closet. I have yet to photograph them for promotion. I have a hard time starting and completing one project before moving on to the next. I guess I like to have multiple things going so I can choose what to work on depending on my mood. Thus leaving me with a thousand things to do and nothing ever getting finished. Im doomed!!! LOL

I wonder if I could ever give up my nine to five. I really relish in the structure it gives my day. It sounds like you need a big calendar with deadlines written on it and a few customers calling to harass you;)

A workshop and Steemit trades? Those sound great. I can hear you getting a lot of things done. Just keep moving and the other projects will come along.

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