Big turtle having diner @ Marsa Mubarak - Egypt

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It's not only above or between corals you see nice underwater life. We went searching for dugongs at a big grass area next to a coral reef where they are spotted regurarely. We didn't find the dugongs but we stumbled on this big turtle enjoying of diner.

I have seen turtle in many sizes but this is definitely one of the bigger examples I ever saw.

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I didn't realize how big the turtle was until the snorkeler came into view!! Definitely a BIG turtle!!

hehe, indeed. I put that image in for reference. My girlfriend is 1m65 so I guess the length at about 1m50.
Seen a bigger one at the Philippines but deffinely in my top 5.

Ha. Marsa mubarak. Nice diving spot. We saw a dugong overthere. So funny animal.

Been to tree corners Fayrouz just next to Mursa Mubarak 2 times in a row now and been looking almost daily for the dugong but nothing. Doesn't matter if I go at 6 in the morning, just before sunset, nothing....
I met others who go looking once and see 2 dugongs. Grrrrrr

Luckely Marsa Mubarak has lots of other nice underwater life to offer.

I recognize that. We booked a trip to elphinstone. We had a bad day,did not see anything special and I was seasick the whole trip, while the other group had a great day at the housereef with 2 dugongs. You have to be lucky

Did elphinstone the day before this clip for my dive 99 and 100. Spotted 2 oceanic whitetips and had great visability :-)

Compensation for the year before where the trip was canceled the morning off.... You can't program nature...

Beautiful! I love seeing big turtles like this. We were going to looks for dogongs here but I bust my eardrum at the start of the dive, it was pretty unpleasant. No one saw any though. Hopefully we both get to see them next time!

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