📷 Mantas at the Manta Point at the coast of Nusa Penida on Bali in Indonesia!

in diving •  4 months ago

Hello dear blog readers and Steemians,

in this article I want to show you the first scuba diving photo impressions, taken during my four scuba dives in Indonesia.

© Jonas Ahrens 2018

The first spot I have visited for scuba diving was the so called Manta Point at the coast of Nusa Penida, where you have a high chance to see Mantas. The Mantas are coming to this place for meeting with cleaner fishes and it´s something like a Spa for them. :-)

We drove there with a speedbaot and we there are beautiful nature impressions on the way to this spot.


Fortunely I had the luck to see two Mantas directly at the beginning of the dive.

Here is a photo of the two Mantas:

© Jonas Ahrens 2018

The visibility was not so good at this day for Indonesia, because of sand from the flood.

Later I have seen another too Mantas during this diving trip, but maybe it were the same:

© Jonas Ahrens 2018

Unfortunely this diving spot is very full with divers and snorkelers. Especially the snorkelers are ennoying the Mantas a lot, so that they are swimming away very fast.

Nevertheless it´s a beautiful spot and it´s always a pleasure to watch these fascinating animals in real life. It´s a breathtaking experience.

Stay tuned for more scuba diving video- & photo impressions of my scuba diving adventures in Indonesia after the Steemfest³ and see you everyone!

Jonas - @future24



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