📷 Diving with strong current and huge Manta Rays: The next fascinating underwater photo impressions!

in diving •  9 months ago

Hey diving interested people & dear blog readers,

in this article I want to show you more impressions of my unbelievable dives together with beautiful big Manta Rays, who are very friendly and just breathtaking animals!

As I have already told in my past articles, I have collected all in all over 40 GB of amazing photo- & video-material during my diving holidays in the Maldives in October 2017 and I used different SD cards...

So today I want to present you some more of my 253 photos of the amazing huge Manta Rays which I have taken in 4 different dives! This time I have chosen some photos where you can see that we had a very strong current at this diving spot and it was necessary to grap a stone that you will not float away with the current.

Some people were so smart to take a rope with a hook with them, so that they was able to fix it on a stone. This is a very relaxed way for diving with current, because you have the hands free for taking photos, but diving stations are not allowed to sell it. You could damage corals with it if you are not experienced to use it right.

Here you can see divers who fixed a hook with a rope on a stone because of the strong current:




And here are more amazing photos I have taken with my waterproof action cam of the fascinating huge Manta Rays:





I didn´t had my own hook + rope with me, so I had to grap a stone with my hand and for my thirt & fourth dive at this diving spot I took one of my diving gloves with me for a better grip.

One time I also had the chance to test the hook & rope method, because a diving guide left his rope to check out another place and I used the chance to grab it! ;-) When he noticed it and I made signs that he can have it back of course, he showed me that I can use it a little bit longer if I like.

So I was lucky to take some great photos in a higher position than hanging on the ground by grabbing a stone and I will show you the photos & videos of situation in another article soon. I only have to sort them out of the other Manta diving content and to edit the videos for example.

If you haven´t watched them so far, here you can find my first three underwater videos, which I have recorded during my dives with the big Manta Rays:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24

Jonas Ahrens

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this is just amazing, the mantra rays arent dangerous i guess.


Thanks @darkerhorse! No they are not dangerous, Mantas are harmless and they can´t sting with their tails like sting rays.

A experience that must be lived at least once in life..i also diving, it s a great adventure :)


Yes it was really a unique experience, just awesome... Hey cool, Im following you now for reading your diving adventures too @azen - Steem On!


Ohh..thank you very much. I really apreciate :D

Wow. They look really scary to me. Are they different from sting rays?


Hi @gillianpearce! Yes they are different, they don´t have a poisened sting and they are one of the most friendly animals ever. They can´t do you anything, maybe only ramming you accidentally because their eyes are only on the side, but I never heard that this happened. :-)


Ah. Not so scary then. When I think of rays I always think of that Australian television guy who was killed by a sting ray during filming. ALlhough the chances of that happening are pretty small I think.

Das nenne ich mal grosse Rochen, sehr guter Post! Gefällt mir :-)


Ja Mantas können echt riesig werden, bis zu 9 Meter! Oo
Aber sie sind wirklich komplett harmlos und haben auch keinen giftigen Stachel.

Danke für dein Feedback @mikenero und beste Grüße aus Berlin!


Gerne doch @future24 und schönes WE :-)

hi, @future24 you didn't sell your vote , i appreciate you ..
may i get upvote by doing something new for you :p
if you dont mind i do some work for you ?
if you can do , it might help in my university fee.


billiant photos impression , like your post ,.. resteemed too @future24


Thank you very much for your visit & resteem @chullbull!



you are an incredible man dear friend @ future24 congratulations for your love for diving, the immensions and love for the aquatic beings, the images are amazing, a true dream, I admire your way of being
thank you very much for sharing this shady pictures
I wish you a wonderful day


Thank you very much for your feedback again @jlufer bro and have a nice day too!

Wonderful post with amazing photos and video. Reminds me of diving in Cozumel with the eagle rays - an amazing experience! Thank you for reminding me of it.


Thank you @redwellies and best regards from Berlin!

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Wow, u are good diving there..

How deep you diving in that ocean?

Didnt your head feels pain because the presurre in the water?


Hi @avika, my deepest dive was under around 41 meters so far, but not in the Maldives of course and no there is no head pain because of the pressure in this depth.


Ohh that really deep you diving there.

Are we have to be a good swimmer for diving like that?

Is anyone who cant swim but they can diving?

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beautiful view nice photos!!

nice video..i like it
it is very nice because under the water...
i always like animalphotography....
i will wait your next animal photography
thanks for sharing


Thanks for the feedback @beautybox!


Very nice underwater video! I enjoyed every second of it. Here's my upvote as token of appreciation for giving me nice mood tonight ^^

Wow! How cool! Color me jealous! How nice of the guy to let you use his rope. You really do take great pictures :)


Thanks for your feedback @smylie2005!


Youre welcome! :)

Hello fellow diver from the little island of Malta! Great to see so many Manta pics :)
Me and my gf @rooddzy have gad our nice share of current. There is a particualr ship at 58 mtrs called the polennesian and the current on it is otherworldly. We always end up superman positon for about 30 mins with the shot line during deco.
Just uploaded a vid of us diving with thresher sharks if you can have a look :)

Doing this, you need a huge pair of balls mate! It's amazing how you can do it without fear.

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Wow! This is mindblowing. I heard there are more than 50 different kinds of creatures in the sea. Is it true?

Brave man.. are you not afraid of that sea creatures.? They gonna eat you... i salute you!

Excellent underwater photography @future24. Manta rays are beautiful animals, it appears like huge birds are flying . All the photographs are superb. Videos are amazing.

i will be send sbd


No sorry @enews202, I have already told you that I don´t want to offer votes for SBD...


but why it s your income