Here We Go, Bitcoin Cash- Core is a Bore

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I recently realised after very nearly just receiving Bitpay card that bitcoin CORE was making use of Bitpay unsustainable to say the least. I wrote a piece about this here on Steem

And I wrote Bitpay an email about it and how Core is a Bore (maybe compromised) and they should include various alts ETH LTC BTH...

They responded with this notice WTG!!

"An emergency change to BitPay Card load minimums
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Hi there,

The Bitcoin network has been seeing record transaction volume in the last few weeks. This growth has also led to record network congestion and record-high bitcoin miner fees.

Bitcoin miner fees – the cost you pay to send bitcoin transactions – are now more than $30 per payment on average. These fee levels and BitPay's rising network cost expense now make many small card loads impractical.


To protect card users from rising costs and to continue to offer service for bitcoin-to-dollar loads, we have raised the minimum amount for BitPay Card loads to $100.

If you need to load your card, we recommend loading larger amounts in advance of the purchases you will need to make. You can also continue to make cash loads or direct deposits to your BitPay Card for amounts smaller than $100.

When will I be able to make smaller card loads again?
For now, you will be unable to load any amount smaller than $100 USD. We are observing Bitcoin network conditions constantly. If Bitcoin network capacity increases or miner fee levels go down, we will evaluate lowering our card load minimum again.

Our team is working now on several platform improvements which will help to reduce your cost of loading the BitPay Card, including support for Segwit and support for BitPay loads via Bitcoin Cash. Learn more about these upcoming improvements.

Thank you for your patience as we respond to changing Bitcoin network conditions. Our team is working hard to give you access to fast, secure, reliable, and affordable card loads via BitPay. We look forward to releasing these improvements in the months ahead.


The BitPay Team"

Free Markets in Action Friends .. Refreshing


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