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Steemit is a social media platform that has introduced an innovative way of earning cryptocurrency by means of creating content and curation. Steemit has been great to its authors. We blog here to earn steem and there are many ways and things you can do to earn in the platform. You can write, join contests, share photographs, make music, and do videos.

Anybody on any social media would go nuts to find out that you literally can earn in a social media platform. However, we can't deny that in every platform there is a downside. Well that was what happened.

When Steemit became more known to many, more and more people were registering and becoming part of the community. The number of steemians has greatly increased in number and it was hard to get noticed by many so promotional services has become a necessity to most steemians.

On that note, it's easy to tell that many steemians have abused the use of these promotional services and risking every chance they have without really knowing how much they could get in return. You were only paying for the visibility of your post to their followers. This is how paid resteem works.

Now, you might have already observed that the price of steem isn't that much rewarding for us steemians. I also believe that because of this many authors were affected and many left the platform.

It makes sense because why wouldn't you leave if it's not already rewarding? Do you agree that they should have left?

Although a great number of steemians left, many remained and loyal and true to their craft. This situation was perceived positively by many as "less is more". Why do you think less is more?

Last 18th of August, I am following this steemian in twitter and he just recently tweeted that he came up with the conclusion about Steemit. He said in his tweet that after everything he could to promote Steemit and steem, he had come to a conclusion that bots and its content creators had destroyed the integrity of Steemit.

I was really intrigued and at the same time, was bothered as to why did he came up with such a conclusion. Is it because he was earning little rewards and don't seem to progress? Is it because bots and bots alike are appearing everywhere? Or is it because lesser and lesser contents published in Steemit do not render the expected quality?

There are a lot of things I was thinking about and many simulations have gone through in my head. Maybe because of this and that, or probably because of another reason and whatever that is, he came up with it.

I want to know what you think of this and what you think was his reason to conclude that it was bots and content creators who were responsible to the destruction of the integrity of Steemit. Is it really bots or content creators? Do you know how Steemit can become great again? What are you thinking?

Do you know what destroyed the integrity of Steemit? Was it even destroyed?

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Good question.

  • I think the entrance to be able to start writing on steemit is taking too long! (people are waiting weeks for their mail confirmation).
  • It's difficult to find things I'm interested in and Medium is there a lot better in my opinion.
  • The sinking price is also not helpful. People are not interested in crypto/blockchain like in December but maybe they are coming back when they are sick of censorship.

I think the entrance to be able to start writing on steemit is taking too long! (people are waiting weeks for their mail confirmation).

Indeed. When I registered for Steemit, it took weeks but not a month before I got approved. When I already stepped in, it was the time when people are starting to notice Steemit. Many have created their own accounts and the community's population really sky rocketed. I heard that it was months before some were approved. Maybe because of the heavy traffic caused by the inflation. I just don't know if they did something about this now, however I still hear people in Steem Chat asking about the registration process.

It's difficult to find things I'm interested in and Medium is there a lot better in my opinion.

I think it's not really difficult to find your interests and your medium. What difficult is to find love and passion to what you want to do. It doesn't really matter if it's not like others expertise. As long as you give value to your efforts, there will be people whom will start to appreciate your craft.

The sinking price is also not helpful. People are not interested in crypto/blockchain like in December but maybe they are coming back when they are sick of censorship.

It really did affected many. However, I want to also think that maybe many steemians left because some of them (I'm not saying all) were not properly informed of how the platform works and what things you can do to grow in the platform. Those who stayed true to their craft have remained amidst the situation of steem.

Nonetheless, new steemians are joining the community and I hope that they could learn something from everyone that can keep them in the community for the long run. My quest here is finding readers and grow my authorship.


I should join the Steem Chat :)
It´s really difficult to find people who follow, like and comment. For example I photographed the whole day, did picture editing and an article, which is also time consuming. And maybe 10 people upvoted with less steempower and I´m getting 1 Steem-cent for all the effort.
So it´s more doing it for myself than earning money with content (like the steepshot trailer is telling us:) ).
And like on other platforms I should maybe just upload one topic like "photography", otherwise people are unfollowing for random content.
Good quest -> you found 1 more reader! :)

P.S.: I just realised, I have to pay on "Medium" for pro-articles after I´ve read some.


Steem Chat is like the messenger app of Steemit. You might observe some not so beneficial features they but engagement is the key even with Steemit. Try to be as engaging as possible to your readers so you'll have a strong author-relationship.

You have some point about what you get in return for all your efforts but it is highly recommended to still output a high quality content to keep the platform great. It has been broken I guess because of posts that do not render much quality from their articles.

Although you get upvotes with less steempower, you can still be thankful of them because they noticed you and you and your craft was appreciated. Why do I believe this? Every time before I publish an article I see to it that it has value and worth an upvote because anybody can read them and I owe it to my audience. It will be defining who I am as an author so I need to have that definition.

It's okay to have only one niche. I follow some who produce good content like photography. However in my case, I love doing it this way and I don't force anyone to follow me. Only those appreciate my craft follows me and I thank you for being one of them.

Upvote articles when you feel or appreciate them. It's not really an obligation. It's also one of the good thing that Steemit has. We have the freedom to upvote those who we want to have our upvotes.

I think you can have me as one of your curators as well. You can tell that I engaging enough. ^^

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