Patrick Cowley - on a Friends Recommendation this morning and I LOVE IT (music and more inside)

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Yesterday I was chatting with @steevc regarding electronic dance music and I tried to explain what the difference is between electronic dance music - or dance music in short - and EDM. He - a musician himself - further explained that he cannot classify his own music, and he does not want to. I appreciate such view really much, since music in essence does not have to be classified. Music is to be listened to, and only then you can determine if you like it or not. I see many people going for music from specific genres, and therefore missing out on good music classified differently. You probably heard this type of statements and questions from people like: "I don't like Jazz!", or "Do you really like electronic music?". Then you let them listen to something from those genres - sometimes with force and gun to their kidding :) - and they say "wow, is that Jazz? I like it!", or "I didn't know electronic music could also sound nice, I really like what I hear!". I classify music in my posts though, but maybe I should stop that.

One of my aims for all my music posts is for anybody who wants to, to be exposed to all sorts of quality music, also from genres they generally do not listen to. Although my focus is on electronic dance music, I also post on other music genres from classical to soundtracks to pop music. Anything that is good! Ok, Ok, 'good' can be subjective but I like to think the music I posts has quality in it from an objective point of view, and at the same time it triggers something in myself.

Today I like to share something with you a friend brought to my attention very recently, actually this morning. I know her taste in music, and I also know her recommendations are generally spot on. And I must say, this guy Patrick Cowley with the track "Mockingbird Dream" is spot on! And the funny thing, I really am not able to classify this track, as a matter of fact, his whole album "School Daze" is not really possible to put in a single or even two or three categories. It is a mix between Electro, Minimal, Experimental, and for sure it has Funk in it; I would even argue it is a form of Disco; Hmmm since the tracks are from the 70s that is maybe the best classification, Disco :) But then again, I shall consider to drop the classifications!

Unfortunately I cannot share the whole album with you today, since I could not find it on Youtube, Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Soundcloud only has preview clips of the tracks, which I don't like to share (but you can find the link in the post below if you like). Youtube shares 5 tracks from the album of 11 tracks. Since these tracks are complete, I share them with you, track by track.

  • Artist: Patrick Cowley
  • Album: School Daze (5 from 11 tracks)
  • Year: 2013 (released; but recorded between between 1973 and 1982)

Super cool music to start the Saturday afternoon with, if I may say so. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

Patrick Cowley - Mockingbird Dream

Patrick Cowley - Journey Home

Patrick Cowley - School Daze

Patrick Cowley - Nightcrawler

Patrick Cowley - Zygote

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Hey qsounds - is there a way I can contact you directly? Are you Steemit Chat at all?

I'm on

Nice post, like to have new inspirations =)


Thank you and You're Welcome. Glad I could give you a little inspiration. Such great music coming from those days BTW.

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