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There was suppose to be 1 more race to end the season, but the owner canceled the race because weather ruined his property. He didn't want to have a bunch of dirtbikes tear the property up, so there goes the season finale.

I came in 4th overall, but I missed a bunch of races this year so it wasn't all that bad. Hopefully next year will be better for me! Especially since I'm looking to get rid of the ktm 200 and jump on a beta 300. It's going to be tons more power and I think I'm ready for a change!

Braaap on guys! The hunt for a used beta 300 begins!

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Beta is a good choice! ;)

It's shorter and a bit smaller than a ktm and comes with factory fmf goodies. Overall much better deal. And for my 5'6" height, it's going to be a huge advantage!

Man I'm glad to see you back to riding on a regular basis. I think when you are old enough you'll come over to the dark side. Road riding. I did :)

It's effort to go ride. For this particular one, I woke up at 4am and my and gf and I drove 3.5hrs to get to the 10am race time then drove back 4.5 hours cause of traffic. Nothing pleasant about it at all, but the riding part is always fun.

That sucks. But you did good. How different is the 3 from the 2?

Thanks man! The 200 is like driving a v6 3.0 liter of the 90s. A 300 is like driving a 5.6liter v8 from a modern mustang.

People generally look at the 200 as low to medium power. It's great for fast flowing terrain since you can keep the engine screaming and producing peak power easily.

The 300, if a rider had the skill to ride it while the motor is screaming, it would be producing so much power that you too would be screaming through the woods (and shit your pants) . It It's significantly more power even though it's only 0.1Liter bigger. But the big advantage is that you can ride the engine lazy, keeping the rpms low and it will still produce a lot of power. This makes riding hills and very Rocky terrain a lot easier. I'm ready for easier riding!

But if you were riding in the open desert, it wouldnt be enough power. Just depends on what you are trying to do with it.

Enduro is a lifestyle!!!!!!

Damn right! 2 wheels for life!

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