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For a long time now, gold has always be perceived as indispensable and of great worth and has existed longer than anyone can imagine.

It is of unimaginable value as it still maintains its position as one of the most desired pieces of asset which possess great monetary value on earth.

Even from way back in the medieval times, Gold has always served as an ideal medium for payments as a result of its possession of the qualities expected of it. An interesting feature of this asset is that it is in no way influenced by inconsistency and unsteadiness of market prices, which cannot be said of other trade methods, and of course, it carries an unbeatable rate.

Unfortunately, this asset(Gold) is going extinct, at an untrackable speed as a result of an almost non-existent usage by individuals which very much goes to other payment methods.

This is owed to the idea that it is a rather complicated task to use in exchanges and transactions, there is limited knowledge of how to trade, buy and even store gold, this, unfortunately, hampers potential consumers from partaking in the trade of gold.

There is an undoubted clarity of the level and pace at which development is taking over the globe, it is very evident in the area of technology, a lot of advancements have been made in this facet of development. A clearer example is noticed in the blockchain technology.

This is a method of transferring data conveniently, and untampered with its validity intact. Only a very handful of individuals around the globe have an inkling and possess an idea of what blockchain industry is about and as a result, utilization rate is at a minimum with its benefits untapped, obviously, the rest of the world population are yet to figure out the full potential of this system, leaving a numerable number of individuals participating in the trade.

Both the blockchain technology and Gold when subjected to detailed analysis, can be discovered to have some level of limitations respectively at some point.

Question is, could there be a breakthrough if these two are merged?


To cater to the irregularities and complexities which make the purchase and storage of Gold cumbersome, the Digital Gold platform was created, of course as a decentralized platform. This is made possible by utilizing new technologies like the blockchain as well as other well-improved ones.

The purpose for creating this platform is to create a link between these two giants by bringing together the blockchain industry and the Gold market, thereby exploring their diverse qualities and strengths and expertly using them to accentuate the benefits present in the two systems

The presence of this Digital Gold platform brings about increased adoption of the blockchain industry globally. its merger with the Gold market will become instrumental to the global population using it conveniently and enjoying the merits attached to it.

Not only that, the Gold market which as previously stated was becoming extinct will then be revived, all thanks to the Digital Gold platform. This is due to the elimination of the various complexities and flaws experienced in the Gold market previously and duly replacing them with great benefits.

To guarantee that the user's Gold is very secured, the Digital Gold platform are partnering with the BullionStar storage facility.
So the real Gold of the user's who purchased a Gold Token is securely stored in the BullionStar vault.


The Gold token is an ERC-20 Etherum based token with the full backing of Gold and could be ideal in carrying out transactions like the purchase, sales, transfer as well as the storage of Gold for the future.

These are all possible on the Digital Gold platform, guaranteed security, with Gold token.

A gold token could be used to acquire 1 gram of 99.99% of Gold.

That's to say, Gold token serves as a stablecoin because its worth is tied to that of Gold.

Volatility and changes in market prices do not affect Gold token in any way, unlike other digital currencies.

The gold token serves as a tool used by the Digital Gold platform to create a revolution in the entire world, affecting how individuals see Gold and its worth by simply flipping the blockchain industry and Gold market a bit.


download (3).jpg


Digital Gold, advancement for the global system due to its utilization of the Gold token, to revive the almost forgotten Gold back into play and compel the population to adopt the blockchain technology and enjoy bumper benefits.

This way, the economy of the globe is well improved and the future promising for every sector.

To get more information about Digital Gold, use the links below;






Author: Cj Kalu

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Have heard so much about this project, nice one and thanks for sharing with us

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