Piece of trash or masterpiece?

in digital •  9 months ago

While playing around with a photo of mine recently, I wanted to see how far I could go with digitally manipulating to a point of something good or quite bizarre. Here is the result. Not sure if anyone will like it. Perhaps I'm a touch impartial thinking it's good...or bizarre enough to find it's way into your good hearts.

Regardless, I hope you get something out of it...even if ambivalence. 😁😁😁



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That is really beautiful Piece of trash or masterpiece Photography,, and also thanks for sharing with us


Resteem done

You know what some people might think it is too abstract
but some people say it is amazing.
Important thing is the way they think meaningfully.
I think that is like awesome!

Nice colours, I love colourful idea ;)

wow so nice your post..... please vote me.


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I hope my post has not stoked the fire.

Ooohhh radical! 'Trash' that looks like it could be geometric-ised graffiti! I like! 😏