Standard American Diet = Sad :(

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With the diabetes epidemic in Americans rising, why do Doctors and Dietitians still suggest eating Carbohydrates? It baffles me that one of two things that causes diabetes is still being recommended. The other thing that causes diabetes is to much sugar. Even the recommendation on sugar is to cut back on it.

I am no doctor or dietitian but I can pick up a book and read. I can attend webinars and watch other videos. So my knowledge is not from some university but from me reading and studying. My interest in this is from my own experience. I struggled after I got out of the Marines to lose weight and keep it off.

I followed the SAD diet and still was against a wall. My caloric intake was going down, but my weight was still going up. So that lead me down the path of the truth. If you are struggling to lose weight and you have diabetes or pre-diabetes please continue reading.

My struggle with weight loss came to an end when I stopped taking my doctor's and dietitians advice on the food I should be eating. With out going into the science and spouting words that I barely understand I did one thing that has helped me lose weight. That thing was cutting out carbs and sugar.

Do our bodies need carbs? Absolutely not. Do our bodies need sugar? Absolutely not. We do need glucose or we die. However what many people do not tell you is our liver produces glucose through gluconeogenesis. What does that mean? If we do not eat carbs and sugar our liver creates glucose from other foods we eat. One of the main nutrient sources will be from protein. Our liver converts protein into glucose.

To step a little bit further with out rambling. Carbohydrates and sugar are not an essential nutrient. Even if carbs were an essential nutrient we would get enough through the vegetables we eat. Even if we did not eat carbs our liver would produce the glucose our body needs to function. I will repeat that one more time, carbs and sugar are not an essential, our liver produces the glucose we need to survive.

Now if we needed carbs to live it would not be man made carbs, carbs such as bread, crackers, donuts, bagels, cookies, and the list goes on.

Why the debate about carbs? I think the debate comes from industries funding the results of studies and persuading the officials who make the dietary recommendations here in American. I do not want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but who benefits more from the recommendations. The food industry is one. How much money would the sugar companies lose if Americans stopped eating sugar? I can answer that simply by a lot. How much money would the wheat and bread companies lose if people stopped eating breads, crackers, donuts, bagels, etc? The answer is still the same, a lot.

Who would lose the most money? Drug companies would lose the most. When people are over weight they have many health issues. These health issues depend on medicine to keep these people alive. One example would be diabetes. The American Diabetes Association (Association) released new research on March 22, 2018 estimating the total costs of diagnosed diabetes have risen to $327 billion. (found on their website)

I hope I have not been all over the board so far. My point is we think that we need carbs and sugar. Drug companies think we need them as well. As we continue to eat carbs and sugar and the diabetes epidemic continues to rise drug companies profit from our slow death. (conspiracy theory done)

My weight start going down the moment I cut our carbs and sugar. I still eat vegetables, I love vegetable, and can not see them out of my life. If my body needs carbs they are coming from vegetables and not man made junk.

If you take away anything from this and you are struggling to lose weight or fighting diabetes. You should eat whole foods, not man made foods. To make it even easier for you, eat things that grow in the ground and things that were once living. (sorry vegans) Oh and cut out sodas, and made made juices. Just because it says apple juice does not mean it is healthy for you, look at the sugar content.

My point is it is easy to get your health back on track when you do not complicate it.
1: cut out sugar and man made carbs
2: cut out sodas and man made juices
3: eat from the ground, things that grow in it.
4: eat it if it was once living

Just that simple.....


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