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RE: Should you eat Dairy products? Part 1 - Pasteurisation

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Excellent information here @kiwideb, thank you. As you say it's really difficult to find out the truth as there's so many conflicting sites. My little boy has always struggled to digest milk and so I mainly give him about 2/3 goats milk topped up with 1/3 either oat, hemp, brown rice or almond milk (all organic), which he has no problems with. Raw cow's milk is simply not available anywhere - there's nowhere even to buy organic cow's milk! I've never been able to know for certain if what I give him is ok - he has a great diet eating all the things I do (you know roughly these ingredients from my food posts), so fingers crossed he's getting all the nutrition he needs. I will definitely be checking out your website article on this, many thanks :-)


Even pasteurised, goat milk seems to be more digestible. All anyone can do is observe their child (and themselves) - if they're healthy, you're doing well, and if there are problems you need to rethink. So I think you're on the right track with him. I will post the rest of the article here over the coming days.

As I understand it, goats milk does not need to be homogenized as the fat particles are already smaller and don't float to the top so easily.

He's very healthy, never had so much as a sniffle, which I'm so thankful for considering he was 2 months prem & nearly died, eek!!! I live so remote I've no family or friends to offer their advice, so I always welcome sound info wherever I find it :-)

Thanks for not only always providing really helpful information, but explaining things so clearly - a real skill these days as most people waffle way too much!