Fenoboci diet plan

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Being overweight has posed as a big problem for so many people, for some
people, their right to fashion has been taken away since they can no
longer wear their choice of clothes,. Whatever the case may be with you,
here is some simple thing start to do.

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  1.  Maintain low fat foods: when you go out to get something to eat,

please, look up the fat content of what you are buying; try your best to
cut down on your consumption of cookies and fat-rich foods.

  1.  Select healthy snacks only: instead of chocolates, ice-cream, crisps,

and the rest, take nuts and fruits and others that are nutritious. Most
of these excess weights are a result of your bad eating habits.

  1.   Stand up for about 10 minutes every hour – what you must know about

standing is that it boosts the body’s metabolism. A good metabolic rate
means good digestion and good burning of fats. Seize any opportunity to
walk around your room or even dance, at least for 10 to 15 minutes.

  1.  Avoid starvation – at this point, I think it is noteworthy to let you

know that starvation will lead to a massive accumulation of fats in the
long run. Starvation will not help you shed weight, instead; it activates
a starvation response from your body. Your body will simply reduce its
metabolic rate so as to accumulate more fats as a reserve to be broken
down in the future when the body needs energy. Make sure you eat at least
5 times daily. Eating 5 times every day will help cut down your meals into
smaller quantities and also prevent you from consuming too many fats in
one meal.

  1.  Measure your meals – make sure your meals are measured, so as to help

you track down the amount of calories you are taking in. If they are not
homemade meals, please, do well to read the labels to know how many
servings they contain. In addition to measuring your meals for calories,
remember that calories can also be gotten from certain drinks too. Make
sure you also watch what you drink.

  1.  Have a meal time table – this might not bear any immediate

significance, but in the long run, you will benefit so much from it. A
meal time table will help curb bad eating habits, especially late night

Here, are some simple exercises that will help you shed weight

Elliptical Burner: the elliptical burner is close to the treadmill and
it’s also one of the most the popular cardiovascular exercises. This
machine has the bonus of being able to go backwards, plus, it allows your
body to move in natural ways. You will be amazed to burn over 250 calories
in 30 minutes.

Treadmill: the treadmill is a very popular cardio machine that most people
feel comfortable with. Running on a treadmill is a substitute for those
who cannot run or jug outside or in their neighborhood. Like the
elliptical burner, treadmills can also be set to a challenging level.

Stair Climbing: stair climbing is a very good calorie burning machine;
it’s very unfortunate that most people avoid it. To burn a massive amount
of calorie with this machine, all you have to do is to set the machine to
a challenging level.

Dancing – this fun-filled activity is an ideal calorie burner as well as
an excellent cardio exercise. Dancing exercises all parts of the body,
making it an ideal weight loss and stress relieving exercise. In an hour,
you will burn of approximately 600 to 700 calories by dancing.


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