WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE FAT | Vegan High Volume Low Calorie Meals

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One of the biggest factors to losing fat off of your body is handling your hunger levels well....some people are better than others and it's really a subjective thing. One thing that is universal, though, is that the choices of food you decide to eat in a day will determine how hungry you are by the end of the day, regardless if you were eating the same amount of calories.

What I mean is that the secret to losing fat is to find your maintenance calories (google TDEE calculator) and then eat less than that number (usually started around 300-500 calories less), period. If you don't lose weight, try lowering the number and going another full week. Once you start seeing 0.5-1lbs coming off a week, continue with that caloric number. THE PROBLEM IS, some people will not change what they eat, instead they try to just change the portion....this only works if you eat mostly whole foods because if you try to eat 10 doritos, 1/2 a burger with cheese and mayo, and two deep fried pickles you will use all your calories up with a very small volume of food and you will undoubtedly face hunger much faster than your counterpart who ate all whole foods. Again, with the same total caloric intake at the end of the day, you can either be starving or completely full.

THAT is the trick. Now that that's explained, I want you to watch the video so you can see some of the meals that I utilize when I'm in a diet so that I still eat the same volume of food as when I'm "bulking" but with far fewer calories. This tricks your mind into being satisfied with the meal, your stomach gets to stretch a bit indicating that you're full and after a few days your taste buds change and you'll be just as excited when you get hungry to eat the new whole foods meal instead of those two tacos from the fast food place!

I hope this video and this post helps enlighten some, as I know dieting is a confusing topic with all the misinformation that is available out there! If you have any questions, I'm really happy to answer them so just leave them below this thread!

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Loving this post. I'm all about the whole foods ;-)


It's the best way to eat, your body definitely thanks you for it!

I'm getting fat day by day and I don't have control to my food as I love eating so I'm looking for ways which I can eat and reduce some weight from my body. Thanks for this post.


IMO, losing or maintaining isn't about eating less food. For most people, it's about eating more food that contains fiber and other nutrients. This naturally helps you feel full, reduces cravings, and provides your gut with the nutrition it needs to keep you feeling better. I think this is what this blog is pointing towards with a different angle.

I just published a post today about how feeding your gut better can help you lose weight. https://steemit.com/health/@theinsideout/how-a-healthy-gut-holds-the-key-to-a-healthy-weight


I'm glad this can help you, it's always a good choice to eat higher volume foods if you are a big food eater!

I’m learning, day by day. Restraining myself on how to eat properly. Thanks for your helpful post. Keep em coming.


Glad you're learning the discipline of it, it's pretty tough at first but it does get easier as you go!

Really great tips Brian! Currently I'm doing a 30 day potato cleanse to shift some of my my stubborn fat. I'm eating all I can eat potatoes and veggies and I find I'm very full and satisfied after each meal. However, if I ate the same calories of bread, pasta and processed vegan junk food, I'd be easily eating twice the amount of calories!


Damn that's intense! I'm glad you're able to stick through it :D

That's true, the entry of trash-food cause faster hunger and it's produced that way to do so! I like your discipline and style of work and losing fat. I'm sure everyone who wants to try this is super effective.
Have a good day - @tonac :D

Thanks for sharing .


Glad to share!

Helpful indeed, I need to lose my weight or I can say over weight. I can't exercise for my laziness but I can eat some foods to lose weight.

Great tips!

Thanks for your info

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Woaa that carne de soya with buffalo dressing looks delicious :)


Absolutely delicious!

Hello Mr. Rip AF guy. I still can't believe you are Vegan. Some people confuse dieting to being hungry angry. It's about your choice of food. The hardest thing about looking lean/cutting is the food.