Nutritionists and dietitians

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In recent years the most popular experts, nutritionists and dieticians and experts interested in human psychology. In fact, these two areas have become so much so that, on the one hand, medical specialists such as cardiology, oncology enter the field, while on the other hand, life coach, personal coach, personal development specialist, etc. .

The fact that these two areas are parallel to each other is the biggest clue to their close relationship. There is no duality between body and soul. For this reason, what happens to our soul, our body finds its reflection. While the memory of the human mind has limits, the memory of the body is unlimited. The source of many problems that we do not know why is related to this situation.

Nutrition in the lowest layer of the needs step is not just an action to fill the stomach. It is related to culture, habits, chemistry, history and most importantly psychology.

What we eat, how we eat, our psychology, which changes with the effects of what we eat on hormones, and all of this, how to get the system as a gain; It is impossible to ignore the psychology of nourishment from the womb to the end of our lives.
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