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in dice •  24 days ago


Right before I was officially quitting the EOSKnight, I invested the EOS that earned by selling material into the DICE token in BetDice, which gave me a nice return in the days that I starting to bet in EOS dice game.

What I did just keep buying the DICE tokens and stake it up for the bonus distribution for any incoming bets. As you can see in the graph, DICE/EOS has been declining for the whole of January and I kept buying in without any doubt. After that wasn't a big sum of fund(around 70 EOS) and I already made my capital back in the EOSKnight as well as in the dice game. I could totally suck it up in case everything goes down to zero.

By the way, the DICE price went up 20% today and it was nice given that I just bought in some before the price spike. I'm not too excited about it though since this market is usually more volatile than the overall crypto market.

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