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Thursday was my last day at work and I have been anticipating it with all my heart finally getting home and finding my friend had laid out some high grade weed for me to enjoy after a good half year of abstinence. Sadly both of my other friends who promised had forgotten to bring the bong over so I was stuck with starting on joints, which never really hit the spot for me.

But I didn't care much. I was soaking up the intense feeling of an absent schedule, the non-pressure situation of just existing and doing frivolous things without any need to perform or making something happen. It was a mighty vacation for the mind and while I thought I would be high most of the time and sleeping here and there in between I pretty much slept for two days with 3-4 hour stretches of awake periods in between.

I got to hit the bong twice in these few days and I remembered why I had loved it so much - it just works and is unmistakable. Need more time revisiting, maybe there will be another bong date next week after some of my plans have been worked through.

Guess I was really tired after the last working days so there really wasn't amazing ecstasy in my mental state, just enjoying the broad sense of relaxation and non-obligation which I want to visit again after this week. And I would have continued with that mode with a smile for one or two more days but there are some worldly appointments today which I was planning on attending. Then slowly getting things ready for my departure to new roads. Awesome new places are waiting, people to meet, aspects of myself to be discovered and lots of music, art and writings to be manifested.

Have not seen my girl in over a week and pretty much everything else had been put on utter hold during my final working days. I am really looking forward to the time when I feel I have sufficiently caught up on everything and the many hours spent for the company will become a memory of how my path into the new life chapter began. Doing my best right now to shake the working mode and get into party mode. It's my brother's birthday in a few hours and I really am overdue for some partying and catching up on actually important things.

Had been taking the luxury of doing a steem break for a day but I want to get back to writing regularly as my life allows it while my ego is still trying its best to realize I am a free man and need to enjoy how far this launching path to self-development and financial independence has already been walked.

First, tiny visit with my family, then passionate vacation with my girl by the rough coast in her van and then getting everything ready for the big journey into the unknown.

I am bursting with things to do and I can't still quite believe that there will finally be time for all those things to be worked on. Thanks universe for this amazing summer of self-actualization, I feel ready for what you're throwing my way now. Let's do this, it's party time ;)


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My best wishes for every path you'll take!! Sounds exciting :))

I'm smack in the middle of it <3 thanks sister!!

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