Daily diary | In a cat cafe' near Hong dae 🐈

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These were taken in a cat cafe' near Hong dae. Hey, how have you been, kittens? 🤗 Miss you, guys.

Recently, I've been practicing small sharing to the homeless. It was hard for me to do before like sharing $0.1, but I'm trying to practice even $0.1, $0.2. Well, actually, I'm not a big shot, either, I think I can share a lot later if I continue practicing a lot. Sharing something small is hard for the 1st time. But, the 2nd is easy. I think sharing is one of the learning the life. I appreciate to everyone for that I've come this way so far. I recognized them.

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Lovely cat. Have a nice day! @joeypark !BEER

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Thank you 😊

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Hey @joeypark, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

This is a great shot of this adorable cat...

I think so 😊