[Acid Plays] Diablo 3 - Seasonal Crusader - Torment 7,8 and 9

in diablo •  5 months ago

My Crusader has geared up a bit lately and manages to do some higher Torments. I followed this guide from Youtuber Rhykker for the build and the gear I picked up has a lot of thorn damage, attack speed, vitality, cooldown reduction and physical damage. It's a pretty fun build but after Torment 10 I think I will have to look for something different!

Hope you enjoy the gameplay!

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Hehehhe you kidding me? @acidyo tries out #dtube today? Wow I must be dreaming.. Lolzz

What prompted you to use dtube today? Got frustrated by dtube while trying to upload a video today (How I add value to the lives of other steemians) . The video was 131mb and i had to upload it 5 good times before it went through. Almost cried.

Dlive doesnt stress me out like that. Just once and it goes through... Did you encounter any challenge while trying to upload using dtube?


Hmm I didn't have any problems, uploaded in like 25 mins and was 1.3 gb big.


Whaaattttt? Jezzz... Then it must be our network comnection over here in Nigeria coz my friends also complain the same stuff and have resorted to making use of dlive only.

What's the fastest build for low level augments/gem leveling? Right now I'm using an Invoker/Norvald's build. I've seen an Akkhan thorns build but the itemisation seems high. Any help is appreciated.

@acidyo, Games have different difficulty levels, as well as from game developers not originating in making a game.

Any leveled game will trigger ways of thinking and use logic in solving problems within the game.

And not only beneficial for IQ, games can also enhance a person's ability to keep his emotions.

Interesting your publication, I like it. Let me follow you .. God bless you.

Congratulations @acidyo!
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Can't believe D3 is still around :)
Thre's a necromancer joke in there somewhere :D

You are way ahead of me. I just hit 70 on my Season 14 Hardcore Necromancer yesterday.