Rough Colour Sketches

in devlog •  11 months ago 

After doing a lot of work on the technical parts of the game I am left with very little to show. I t has been one of those weeks where you learn a lot but achieve little . I have go some concept work done and doe a little modelling. I have also started to work on the auto-rigging script as well as couple of minor tools.

The following are a couple of colour sketches. The point of them is to capture a mood and give an sense of place, as well as to practice my colour and lighting. I do not do enough colour or landscape work and it shows but they are not meant to be finished works so it is not as important to get the composition and lighting perfect.


Character Doodle Wooo.png

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Your sketches are great. I would love to see what the final, polished piece looks like!

Thanks. We will see if i get a chance to do a master. As I develop the game more I will be trying to turn out a lot of quick concept sketches. I will get to the point where there are some that need two or three months put into the to really make them stand out it is just a question of available time.

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