Painting: Castle (Part 1)

in devlog •  10 months ago 

This is an environment concept painting for the game using the layout for the castle I did in Houdini. I am going to do a couple of these working on the model. This is just of 2 hours of work I may put some more time into it but I decided to release the time-lapse now because I don't like really long time-lapse videos and think that a time lapse of more than 2000 times the original does not give a real Idea of what someone is doing.

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Very nice timelapse video of painting a castle with such a fantastical landscape layout, @brundlethwaite :) The details you've put into it is really neat <3

Thanks :)

Though the real detailing is only starting now. We will see how far I decide to take it the should still be a part 2 and probably also a part 3.