My contributions to Steemit Condenser and Wallet apps

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@utopian-io is has ceased operating but I still want to keep you guys up-to-date with my occasional contribution to the code of the Condenser ( and Wallet ( apps.

Fix for #3473 - Pending payout amount box too small (Condenser), created by myself.

I noticed that the little popup window where the pending payout info is being displayed is often too small and the text overflows outside of the box. This usually happens for posts that have a good payout. So I added some CSS tweaks to allow it to expand if needed to a specified maximum width.

This was a very simple and quick fix.

Before the fix:
Popup too small

After the fix:
Fix popup size

Pull request: #3474

Improvement for #3480 - Don’t two ads in the comments when there are less than 5 (Condenser), created by @justinw

When a post has not received any comment or less than 5, the comment block is displaying two ad banners that are too close to one another. The suggestion solution was to only display one out of the two.

Too many ads

Another simple fix that helps getting a better user experience from the Condenser (

Pull request: #3483

New feature for #78 Display Steem Power APR in the user wallet page, created by @thecryptodrive

Did you know that you can earn about 2.25% annual interest by powering up your Steem? 10% of the inflation is distributed to SP holders. That means that by just holding Steem Power and doing nothing, you still get more SP in the end. This information is now being displayed in your wallet.

After discussing with several people to find out the formula and where to gather the data from, I quickly implemented the feature.

Display Steem Power APR

Pull request: #81

Previously on my blog:

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Since the proposal didn't get funded I have sent you a 100 SBD tip to add to this post value so that it exceeds the 150 USD min expected compensation the fund was supposed to pay out to you. Thanks again for the great work.

Thanks for your support, much appreciated.

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That is great and you are doing a great job. Keep it up. Steemit need people like you


Thanks sk much for the great work.

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You can earn some Marlians for this too. have people with some collective stake that curated the tag

That link goes to an empty page.

ah yea I forgot about the -io myself.
But @utopian-io have stopped at the end of July so no ones creates any Utopian posts anymore.

Slightly unrelated to this post...but could I have a Team Australia banner please 🤓?

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Check on our Discord 😄

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~Smartsteem Curation Team

I wonder why the @oracle-d downvote?

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@therealwolf supported my post by getting me an upvote from @smartsteem and I think that is what triggered an automated downvote from @oracle-d thinking I'm buying votes...

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