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@randowhale is a random voting bot burning STEEM and contributes to less STEEM in circulation. See introduction post

@nextgencrypto had this idea and supports @randowhale with his own SP while I'm doing the development and maintenance work for it.

It was started a closed-source project. However, we like to keep it open-source. That should be a good reference for developers to see how easy to build these things.

It uses @themarkymark's global blacklist API by default, and refunds vote requests immediately if a username is blacklisted by any projects.

There are checks implemented to refund the request if:

  • Post age is below than minimum limit
  • Post age is greater than the maximum limit
  • Post is not a main post (comment)
  • Post is already voted
  • Sender or Author in the blacklist
  • The VP of the bot is not enough to vote
  • Memo doesn't include a valid author/permlink pair


Requires Python3.6+ and a Mongodb server.

$ virtualenv -p python3.6 randowhale-env
$ git clone
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ vim


$ python

It's always suggested to use a process manager to make sure the runner is always up and running. I use supervisor to manage this kind of scripts, personally.


Config variables are pretty straight-forward.

    (1, 25, 0.4),
    (25, 50, 0.3),
    (50, 75, 0.2),
    (75, 99, 0.09),
    (99, 100, 0.01),
BOT_ACCOUNT = "randowhale.test"
POSTING_KEY = "posting_key"
ACTIVE_KEY = "active_key"
MIN_AGE_TO_VOTE = 300  # 5 mins
MAX_AGE_TO_VOTE = 432000  # 5 days
MINIMUM_VP_TO_VOTE = 80 # in percent

PROBABILITY_DIMENSIONS is the root of the weighted random number generator. The first element in each item is the vote percent start, the second element is the vote percent end, the third element is the probability factor of the item.

For this configuration, there is a %40 chance that the vote will be between %1 and %25. There is a %30 chance the vote will be between %25 and %50, and so on.

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Great work there!

Also, thanks to me, we know, the blacklist is working;)
You are welcome!

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