[STEEMTOOL] Find Out Who Has Mentioned You

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Have you been curious about who has mentioned you on Steemit?

There are a few 'Steemit Telegram Bots' for that purpose. You can google it. They are coming and going so I am not sure which one is still available.

I used to use some Telegram bots. They were definitely useful when I wanted to receive a real-time notification for any post or comment that mentioned my @username. A real-time notification sounds great. However, I can guarantee you that it will make you so tired soon. I felt that I was responsible to give on-the-spot responses to the steemians who thankfully mentioned me on their posts and comments. I did not want to let them down. I had to spend almost the whole day waiting for real-time notifications and replying to them right away.

I am not saying Telegram bots are bad. They just did not work with me as I thought.

I did not want to use Telegram bots, but still wanted to know who mentioned me. That's why I made this tool.


With this tool, you can find out the recent 50 posts and comments (1 month ago max.) you were mentioned in. Only whenever you want to know.

All you need to do is just enter username that you want to search.


The result will be as below.


The result should be straightforward.

  • Filtered/ALL: Filtered tab is opened by default. I manually filtered some repeated posts that are considered as bot-posts or bot-like-posts so you can focus on posts from your real friends. ALL shows all mentioned posts no matter what. Please let me know if you find any other posts that should be filtered.
  • Site Link: The result contains some links. Mentioned by and Title. With this selection, you can choose to which site you want to use for the links. You can choose one of the following sites. Please let me know if you want to add any other sites.
    • steemit.com
    • steemKR.com
    • busy.org
  • Comment Icon: You will find a comment icon at the end of some Title. It means that you were mentioned in a comment. Mentioned posts do not have the icon. You will understand it once you try.

You might notice that STEEMTOOL has a lot more. I will explain them one by one later. Please give them a try until then :)


Thanks for the reference of this tool, i cannot say about real time reply but Busy also provides real time notifications and that is really effective and the more effective thing is, it have two functions for notification, one is notification bell with number of notifications and it also reflect real time notifications as soon as you get any notification like flash notification. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks for your comment. Real time notifications are so useful in most cases and I appreciate the features of Busy. This tool is, however, totally opposite. Not real time at all on purpose. I made this tool because I found myself sticking to Steemit even more (way too much I mean) with real time notifications.

That's why I emphasized my point in bold in the middle of the post as follows.

I did not want to use Telegram bots, but still wanted to know who mentioned me. That's why I made this tool.

Additionally, this is not the only tool on STEEMTOOL so you might like others :)

Welcome and yes, there are more tools and that's good because we have diversified options. Thank you. 🙂

That's true. By the way, STEEMTOOL here does not mean some tools for Steemit. STEEMTOOL is the name of MY tool. I believe it has a lot of features that interests you :)

It's in my list from some days and i used it, literally speaking it's amazing and i specially liked Post Search and Mentions, and you have done great and appreciable job. Keep doing awesome job and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Hi! My name is jinuking on kr. nice to meet you^^

Nice to meet you Jinuking ^^

Great great work! Benefit of this tool comes stronger when you are in a very active community. Btw why dont use utopoan tag btw?

Thanks for your comment and advice. By the way, can I just use utopian tag without using their website? And, I did not put my site to GitHub yet. Do you think it is still okay to use the tag with my circumstance? Did they change the rule after the hacking issue?

yep they are now more open and willing to support devs who are not fany using their website. Set utopian-io as the first tag, and then one of the predefined category tags that are defined in their website as the second tag thats it.

But they only suport open sourced projects. No support without github repo :((

Oh, that's great to know. I will try to take advantage of utopian later for any open sourced projects. Thanks for the detailed explaination :)

Amazing tool! It also includes many other features. I use it often. thanks

Thanks for using my tool. I think you should also start to promote your great tools to the world. I could help you if you might need :)

응원합니다! 스팀툴 화이팅!!!!!!>ㅁ<

네~ 이미 잘 활용하고 있어요~ ^*

안녕하세요..저는 @yani98이라고 합니다.
샵과 이미지에 관해 궁금한 점이 있어 질문 드립니다.
저는 이번에 챌린지 이벤트를 진행하면서 2라운드 과제로 윈도우 바탕화면을 출품 받아서 무료배포하려고 합니다.

질문1: 포스팅에 1920×1080사이즈로 작업해서 업로드후 다시 다운받아서 윈도우 바탕화면으로 설정해서 사용해도 해상도 문제는 없을까요?

질문2: 샵에 제출받은 이미지를 등록하는 방법이 궁금합니다. 무료배포버전으로 등록하려고 합니다.

안녕하세요 @yani98 님.

궁금하신 점 답변 드리겠습니다 ^^

  • 질문1 -> 이미지를 업로드 하면 스팀잇에서 자동으로 압축을 해서 어느 정도 화질 손실이 발생합니다. 본 해상도를 100% 유지하기 원하면 어딘가에 파일을 업로드하고 링크를 제공하는 방법 외에는 없습니다.
  • 질문2 -> @yani98 님을 스팀샵 판매자로 등록했습니다. 다음 글을 참조하셔서 등록하시면 되겠습니다. 이미 로그인을 하셨다면 로그아웃 후 다시 시도하시기 바랍니다. 참고로, 아직 무료배포버전은 제공하지 않으며 당분간은 최소 가격인 0.001 SBD로 설정을 하셔야 합니다. 현재 '주문제작' 기능 추가 작업중인데 적용이 끝나면 바로 무료배포도 가능하도록 준비하겠습니다. 감사합니다.

답변 감사합니다..따로 파일을 받아서 업로드하고 링크 첨부하는 방식으로 전환해야 겠군요..
챌린지 끝나는대로 상품등록 해볼게요.

Please add function for dead followers.... @segyepark

Thanks for your suggestion @mrstaf. I will add it in the future.

@segyepark 님 안녕하세요~ 질문 하나 드리려구요^^ 스팀샵에 창작음악을 등록할 수도 있을까요?

토끼님 안녕하세요^^ 물론입니다. 판매자로 등록해드렸으니 이미 스팀샵에 로그인 하셨으면 로그아웃 후 재 로그인 부탁드립니다.

'상품 분류'에도 '음악'을 추가했으니 상품 등록시 해당 분류 선택하시면 되겠습니다. 음악 관련 상품은 처음인데 제가 더 기대되네요 :)

감사합니다~ 제 음악은 아니구요 제 친구 작품입니다. 퓨전 국악 음악인데, 주류음악이 아니다보니 홍보기회나 판로가 거의 없어 안타깝던 차에 스팀샵이 떠올랐어요~ 본인 창작물만 올려야 한다면 친구 아이디로 올리겠습니다^^

아 그렇다면 본인이 관리해야 할테니 친구분 아이디를 알려주시면 다시 등록하겠습니다 :)

@jeeseok7902 입니다~ 업로드 권유해보겠습니다^^

토끼님 판매자 등록은 취소 하였으며 친구분 아이디를 대신 추가했습니다. 친구분이 최근 활동을 전혀 안하고 계신데 음악 홍보로 동기부여가 조금이나마 되었으면 하는 바람입니다 :)

네 감사합니다^^

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