time to call the troops together and make some serious change or I wont ever be able to onboard investors and STEEM needs investors or we will go BUST!

If you were going to onboard investors to any significant degree you'd have done it 2-3 years ago.
You're full of hot air.

Please, post an audio rant. At least you can provide satisfactory entertainment with a raging, drunken ramble replete with ad homina, lies, and fantastic hallucinations.

I, for one, would be very likely to curate it as a high quality post.

You missed all the action on Discord!

Sadly, I have been held hostage by my hammer of late. Season has transitioned however, and presently I am the captive of mushrooms, whose siren calls lure me into their soggy domain where their spores are demanding my deposition of them thither and yon. I note with a twinge most every Friday that I have missed yet another Full Force episode of #crimgiggles.

Thanks for noticing. I miss ya'll. and Leo is for investors. Steem is for rewards pool protectors who want to help with user and investor reduction. lol

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