Tag 2: Was sind deine Bedürfnisse?

in #deutsch11 months ago

Heute ist Tag 2 der 5-tägigen Gelassenheits-Challenge.

Wie sieht es bei dir aus? - Achtest du deine Bedürfnisse oder bist du so pflichtbewusst, dass du immer wieder die Bedürfnisse anderer über deine eigenen stellst?


Viel Aufwind in allen Lebensbereichen, wünscht




This is the first "spoken you" I have picked up. It works marvellously!

Love how you distinguish "need" from strategy (what I often refer to as the difference betwen need and want, trusting a relaxed person understands that these needs are "sacred" and true, and not imposed by social presssures). This piece complements my metaphysical pieces perfectly!

If I may illustrate how well your meditation can work, having meditated just like this a few months ago, I could give you the example of how a Bedürfnis can surface as a very direct, seemingly small and frivolous need: in my case it came to me that of everything I could wish for, I simply acknowledged the need "to play" - and this (surrender to the inner child) lead me to great love.

Many thanks @sukhasanasister for your feedback!

It pleases me that your need could find some time ago and this lead you to love.

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