Thwarting Destiny

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The thing is about thwarting prophesied destinies is that your very attempt to escape a perceived negative outcome, to try to prevent it from happening, is exactly what will cause what you fear to happen.
That's why free will is an illusion in the truest sense of what means illusion...
that is, that which is the instrumentality of the mind to create reality.
What is focused upon is what is imagined,
and if what is imagined is motivated by fear,
then your fear will cause what you fear to happen to happen even faster than it would have otherwise.
There is no stopping time. You cannot one-up, escape, go-around, surrender, or change destiny by your own will, because of the aforementioned explanation that the will is the intermediary between magic and reality, as the magician is the anti-thesis of the mystic.
The clue of the truth is in the lie. The lie exists, and yet it doesn't.
We know what a lie is only when the truth is understood.
We know only what is magical and illusory when the mystical reality is apprehended in this moment Now.
Magical illusion and Mystical reality are as Yin and Yang.
There is darkness in the light and light in the darkness.
There is truth in the lie, because the lie is a lie because there is real truth.
There is no real lie. All lies are by definition false because they conceal truth,
they crowd darkness in to contain the light in order to maintain control of perception of an image they have created in their mind, and now cannot see reality through their own mind.
Mind is not reality, but mind is in fact the true instrument of magic.
Through the instrumentality of magical illusion by mind reality is imagined into existence.
So you see, destiny is coming for all of us. Nothing can stop what will happen.
In our action or inaction still reverberate consequences that echo forever.
There is nothing one can or cannot do to create or avert what must happen as perforce the perfect Order of the Natural Law.
The magician believes existence can be made better by his tricks, wiles and willful illusionary tactics.
The mystic enjoys reality free of the temptation of maya to do better than what existence has done for truly forever.

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