The Natural Law

in #now2 years ago (edited)

There's never a single violation of the natural law : you always get exactly what you want,
because as we sow we reap, there is no way out of it.
As we act there is obviously effect reverberating out into the past eternally from immediately Now.
There is no such reality as non-action or action, there is only both or neither,
because the more it changes the more it is the same thing.
In action is generated consequence beyond good or evil.
In in-action is generated still consequence beyond good or evil.
Beyond good and evil means that action by itself produces consequence,
be it good or evil is only a reflection of our mind's interpretation.
The concatenation of temporal events linking up as in a chain in the mind's imagination,
is both continuous and discontinuous. If it's both it's neither. If it's neither it's both.
The more it changes the more it is the same thing, as if there is no change at all,
and yet it's always there, changing changelessly.
So where are we going?
Aren't we going to end up where we started?
How do you really know you haven't been here before?
How do you know that not remembering is not precisely the clue you're looking for?
May be a different place, different faces, different body,
but something suspicious you know is going on.
Where did this universe come from?
How did it get here out of which you transparently and ephemerally emerge,
like a shimmering mirage to flicker for a brief instant in the middle of the vastness of forever.
How DID the universe get here?
It is the most confounding of questions.
It is the same question as the origin of what is the real Self.
So elusive, so mysterious, so invisible,
yet it exists beneath the cosmic network, it sustains the network.