3D Printing - StarWars C-3PO Low Poly

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Yesterday I printed my C-3PO Low Poly design I created a while back using Blender and I love the result!

The model was printed with the Prusa i3 MK2S which I bought as a kit a month ago and is exceeding my expectation in regards to print quality. If you are looking for an affordable 3d Printer that provides great quality, this is the one I can recommend to buy.

Here are some images and gifs of the print progress.


1 ScreenFlow.gif

Judge the print quality for yourself looking at the print layers. I didn't have the pleasure yet to test a more expensive printer like the Ultimaker 2 or 3 but can't imagine that those printers (3 times more expensive) will have a significant better print quality.


2 ScreenFlow.gif

Towards the end of the print something happened that could have been easily prevented if I just added a little bit of glue on the print bed. The model lost grip and I had to stop the print at 90%


3 ScreenFlow.gif

Ultimately it is not such a bad thing since I am using the model now as my pen holder :-)


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Thank you!

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Na den pin ich mir doch mal an mein Brett :-)


Haha, habe auf diesen Kommentar gewartet! Vielen Dank @lichtblick :-)


Sehr gerne @tarekadam :-) Ich versuche immer einen ongoing support für coole Posts und nette Menschen. Noch einfacher wenn beides zutrifft ;-)

Wow ,I want to try something similar . Very good design


Thank you! Let me know once your design is ready.


Yes man ,for sure I will 🙂

C-3PO reaction


Wow, I like that image!

Omg this post is insanely satisfying! Thanks for sharing, now I want a 3D printer too! Upvoted and followed :D


Thank you for the great compliment, I am glad you like it. Let me know when you have your printer.

looks great!

That is incrideble mannnn.....u r dealing with best and new technology


Thank you!


Even I m working in same field ....but not that advanced

Wow! This is so interesting!


Thank you.

Interesting post and nice design :)

Wow, this is amazing. Congrats on your great post.

Wow, great innovative product. How much will such printer cost? would love to have one


I posted a link to the Prusa website in my post. You can find the details on their site.



Wow, very nice.. 3d printing is also on my list for 3 years... never took the time too really start with it.. I think you should have someone near you to really tell the ins and outs.