🚀Komodo – the end of single shared blockchain platforms [infographic]

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Hey people! 👋

Komodo's infographic contest proceeds and I worked on an improved version after all the feedback I collected from the community around Komodo and the Komodo team itself.

Click here for previous Version👈

At first the architecture story needed to be put more in focus. This means beginning with the 1st Gen blockchain platform and its issues and restrictions, moving to Komodo's 3 main architecture layers that fundamentally differentiate it from the earlier platforms and closing with achievements they already reached.
Further the colours have been adjusted to their interim colour palette – in this way it fits more to Komodo's new look.
Also I changed the icons to metaphorical illustrations that simplify the understanding of the key features even more. Thus even total newbies to blockchain can easily understand Komodo.



If you like this infographic you can vote for it and comment on reddit or on twitter by retweeting it. Also I would be very pleased if you shared the infographic to bring Komodo to a wider audience! 😊


Do they have an own token or how do they profit monetarily from the plattform?

Yes, the KMD coin is the main form of payment for Komodo's security service and fuel for the smart contracts.

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