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Happy Weekend Steemians! Today I want to share with you photos of a HUGE volcanic rock bath we have here in the shop.

Last year when my boss was travelling in Indonesia, on a buying trip, he asked me if there was anything special he should buy. We had had these small rock basins in stock and they were doing extremely well.

150 x 520 x 480 - R 3450 INCL VAT.JPG150 x 650 x 540 - R3999 incl VAT.JPG

I quickly did a bit of research on these basins we had bought, and discovered that the boulders they were carved out of, came in all sorts of crazy large sizes. I made my mind up, and sent the boss the request " 1 x YUUUGEE rock bath!"

He later emailed me to say he had bought the biggest one he could find. "HHhhmm," I had thought at the time. I meant large, huge, but not gigantic. Anyway, knowing my boss, he got very excited by the idea and went overboard! That's one of the things I like about him. He dreams in technicolour, always going one more step further than imagined. He's a cool guy.

Anyway, a few months later when our container arrived, this bad boy was offloaded. LOL!

1.3 670 height x 1760 length x 1400 bredth - R79800 INCL VAT.JPG

1.1 670 height x 1760 length x 1400 bredth - R79800 INCL VAT.JPG

1.2 670 height x 1760 length x 1400 bredth - R79800 INCL VAT.JPG

Beautiful, yes, but HUGE. So HUGE! I picture it going in some organic, natural spa, with loads of plants, a concrete floor and a wet room.

Something along these lines:


Rock Bath.jpg



What do you think? Does it fit into your dream bathroom? I need an outdoors bath in my huge, private mansion one day. With my Lambo and $20000 Bitcoin. XX

Lots of love.


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WOW that is so cool I would love a bath like that in my spa area, dang good thing dreams are free LOL

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Nice. Take a bath with rocking bathtub

This bathtub is really very beautiful. I get aesthetic pleasure from such things (including sinks and baths). I saw that this is popular in some hotels in exotic countries. I think that it will look great in your huge private mansion :)

Thats a great piece of art i say made from volcanic stones.

Omg that is one huuuuuge rock bath, must've weighed a tonne! Looks so beautiful though :-)

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Get the hot water pouring into that bad boy. I want to go for a soak!! What an absolutely beautiful piece. It is usable art. Not something I could just stick in my house though, it would require an elegant spot such as you are showing. Otherwise it might look a little odd. Amazing that your boss followed through on your request. That must make the job even more fun.

this is amazing what people come up with.

that is brilliant

Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous, I want one in my garden! I'm already considering an outdoor bathtub in an outdoor shower I want to make. I will probably use a galvanized animal watering trough as they are easier to buy and transport than a large boulder, but boy would this be amazing to bath in!

Those would be awesome to lay back and relax in. Throw some bath bombs in there, have some candles a nice fire in the fireplace going in the bathroom and relax.

If I can afford a volcanic rock bathtub, you better believe that I have a fireplace in my bathroom.

Hi princess it's very unique and beautiful and like dream comes true it's very interesting to have bath on this, may God fulfil your dream of Lambo and 20k BTC.
Great and Good luck dear Mam.

You Can not prepare rocks for the steam room from the embankment near the train, because they are treated with creosote, which is a powerful poison. When Heated from them, steam is released, which can even kill a person. It is impossible to get rid of such processing, This kind of volcanic rock looks like dark marble, very strong, in contrast to small water absorption. It is mined in Karelia, where there is a good ecological situation. When heated, he expands uniformly, heating for a long time, but cools quickly enough. The essential properties of stones are the ability to withstand temperatures, heating to high temperatures can lead to the melting and evolution of harmful gases.

Amazing artwork. I want one to filter water.

@princessmewmew lol lol lol you are really funny, i think I can go into it and relax for hours but not, my grandchildren won´t let me, they love pools

Well, THAT's a bath that makes me want to get undressed! :')

Gorgeous! I totally see it in an outside space or loft type place.